5 Things to Know About Choosing a Therapist

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5 Things to Know About Choosing a Therapist

Jez Timms

1. You can shop around.

You can try out many different therapists.  Just because you schedule a consult and meet with them, does not mean that you are stuck with them.  Make sure you click.

2. Ask questions.

Ask A LOT of questions to make sure you understand everything.  Ask about the things that will determine if the relationship will work – such as: type of therapy they do, how long have they been in practice, what disorders do they treat, etc.

3. You can change your mind.

 Say you get in there and you see someone for a few sessions, but you just are not feeling it.  That is okay – either ask for a referral elsewhere or just don’t schedule again.  It is better to let the therapist know you do not feel like it is a good fit, but stick to what you are comfortable with.

4. You are in charge, they work for you.

 If you do not like what treatment type they are using – tell them.  You may really like them as a therapist, but you might not be jiving with how they are going about trying to help you.  Let them know this so that it works for both of you.

5. It is about you.

This is one thing that is all about you.  Allow that and embrace that.  It’s okay to be selfish with your therapy.

Original Post October 21, 2018 – 5 Things to Know About Choosing a Therapist

Andrea Charles is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and approved clinical supervisor in Washington and Idaho. She is also owner of Dragonfly Counseling. She enjoys helping people become the best version of themselves by empowering them and helping them work through whatever block is keeping them from moving forward. Call 1-509-254-5053 or email acharles@mydragonflycounseling.com to set up a free 15 to 30-minute consultation. Visit Andrea Charles’s Profile.

October 31, 2018 / Mental Health

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    Hi, I’ve been working with a therapist for 15 months and now she’s decided to give me a diagnosis that I don’t agree with… and she’s being really pissy about it… she got angry at an expression I used in Re: to my feeling of how she handled this delivery of this diagnosis… which she never discussed with me before hand.. now I don’t want to continue with her… yet I don’t know how to leave… I’ve never known how to leave!

    • :

      Hello Rosemary. Sorry you feel you cannot leave your therapist. You can reach out to Andrea Charles’s profile on our website (https://itherapy.com/counselor/andrea-charles/), who wrote the article, for any questions you may have. She may have some insight into your dilemma. Hope you find a resolution.

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