How Online Counseling Works

About Online Counseling

Online counseling is a comfortable and convenient way to receive effective counseling without experiencing the pressure of a face-to-face meeting. You still meet with a live, professional provider—but you gain the flexibility of meeting with your provider in your own surroundings. If you are already familiar with counseling you may choose this option for the added convenience and privacy it offers.

In order to meet the needs of clients, our network of providers offer appointment sessions via the following options:


Connect with your counselor via video utilizing our secure, HIPAA compliant video platform.  Video allows you to have “face-to-face” communication just like being there.


Connect with your counselor via our live chat feature.  Text based conversations allow for interactive, yet private communication.


Connect with your counselor from anywhere with any phone by calling a secure, HIPAA compliant conference room. Counseling via the telephone is easy, convenient and effective.

These are but a few of the obvious benefits of online counseling. Ease of scheduling and the ability to conduct sessions from home, allows people who might not ordinarily seek out counseling to benefit from using iTherapy services.