The History + Current Leaders of iTherapy

The History + Current Leaders of iTherapy

Have you ever turned down an invitation to a party because you thought you wouldn’t know anyone there besides the host (or whoever it was that invited you)?

Yeah, me too!

That’s awkward. You’re trying to be social and fit in, but you just don’t fit in so you teeter-totter between being a wallflower and awkwardly intruding on a conversation.

Yep, definitely awkward.

We don’t want you to feel that way around here.

Whether you’ve already arrived at the party, by becoming an iTherapy provider, and are trying to figure out the best way to insert yourself in a conversation (note: emailing us or joining our facebook group is a great way to start) or you’re still deciding whether or not you’ll fit in as a iTherapy provider we would like to introduce ourselves!

We have three fearless leaders spear-heading things around here: Carol Pulley, Forrest Pulley, and Nick Fuller. For introductions you’ll find a jazzed up professional bio followed by their personal answers to three questions.

So, without further ado, may I introduce to you…

Carol Pulley

Carol is a  Practicing Licensed Psychological Associate. After a successful 20-year career in the corporate world, she returned to school to pursue her dream of becoming a counselor. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Business Management from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida and a Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Appalachian State University. She has been providing services to individuals, couples, families and groups since 2007 with her own private practice helping them to meets likfes challenges and continue on their personal journies..

When she finally embarked on fulfilling her dream of becoming a counselor she waded through the multifaceted challenges of starting your own practice which only multiplied with the opportunity to practice virtually thanks to online technology.

Through navigating her own challenges of establishing a credible practice and meeting other clinicians who were struggling to make sense of the same challenges the vision of iTherapy was born.

Today, Carol plays a leading role not only as a Co-Founder, but as the therapists’ voice, offering perspective and input from a real-time clinician, as iTherapy grows and continues to explore bigger and better ways to serve clinicians.

What role do you play in iTherapy?

I am the clinical director and work to provide the iTherapy team a clinicians perspective when considering new strategies and tools that will continue to help our providers meet their professional goals. I am always on the look out for services that can streamline the administrative portion of our jobs to allow more time for a healthy work life balance.

What is your favorite part about how iTherapy serves its customers?

As a practicing psychologist myself, I love when I hear other therapists become excited about all of the services and support provided through iTherapy. I enjoy hearing how iTherapy has given them the support they need to successfully grow their practice ! I love to hear clinicians stories of how iTherapy services have helped them to create a healthy work/life balance.

What are you doing when you’re not working on iTherapy?

I have a group practice providing psychological testing and therapy. When I am not working, I  enjoy exercising, yoga, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Forrest Pulley

With 40+ years of experience as a small business owner, a business professor at a private college, and an AT&T executive and having visited all 50 states and more than 50 countries I think it’s safe to summarize Forrest Pulley’s life in two words: Business + Travel.

During a 25-year career with AT&T, he held a variety of positions in operations, sales, research and development and administration. Following his career at AT&T, Forrest worked in the small business environment as a Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer in the insurance and mental health fields. Forrest then became a faculty member and, subsequently Division Chair of the Business Administration Program at Lees-McRae College. His responsibilities included the overall leadership of the Department as well as teaching courses in marketing, leadership, small business development and entrepreneurship.

As his wife and Co-Founder navigated the ins-and-outs of establishing her own private practice and encountered other clinicians struggling with the same loop-holes Forrest joined his business-savvy brain and experience with Carol’s vision and iTherapy was born.

What role do you play in iTherapy?
Responsible for New Provider contacts, Customer Service and Financial

What is your favorite part about how iTherapy serves its customers?
Interaction with providers from all over the United States.
Our focus on helping clinicians and practices be successful.That, as a small to mid-sized company, we are able to truly put our clinicians “first”.
What are you doing when you’re not working on iTherapy?
TravelAnything outdoors.

Nick Fuller

Nick finds incredible passion and purpose in his technical expertise to the iTherapy team.

With over 10 years of programming experience, he’s developed a broad skill set. Initially Nick’s technical experience was centered around video game development, but since 2012 Nick has shifted his focus to website and business development. Nick was instrumental in writing one of his first projects, Mommy Market, and growing it to over 10,000 users within its first year.

Later websites and database driven web applications include a charity fundraising application for a professional athlete, internal employee benefit communications sites for multiple fortune 100 companies, and a content delivery system for a SaaS company that serviced major international insurance companies.

Nick’s innovative, but technical and strategic mind allows him to not only provide all the technical support for iTherapy but also cast vision and manage all marketing efforts in iTherapy. He’s always looking for new ways to up-level this company and serve providers with more efficiency without losing the personal touch so near and dear the heart of iTherapy. 

What role do you play in iTherapy?

I head up the technical team at iTherapy and handle all of our marketing.

What is your favorite part about how iTherapy serves its customers?

Besides our commitment to exemplary customer service, I love that we’re a one stop shop for everything a therapist needs for their private practice. If one of our providers needs something, they need only ask. If we can’t help them directly, we’ll at minimum point them in the right direction.

I think that level of service is invaluable as providers navigate the complicated world of starting and growing their own private practice.

What are you doing when you’re not working on iTherapy?

Possibly working on our sister business, Shire Digital Solutions, which specializes in custom website development and search engine optimization. If I’m not working at all, I love spending time with my (soon to be) wife and our kiddo Braden. And, when the weather’s good I like to spend time at the beach or on a Stand Up Paddleboard.

Hopefully, you feel like you’re part of the party now, if you’re already a iTherapy provider and if not we hope our intros convince you that iTherapy is the place for you to navigate the ins-and-outs of establishing your practice and growing it because, we’re people helping people. We’re real live humans on the other end of this screen here to answer your questions, walk you through confusing programs, and help you build a business that lets you care for clients, yourself, and your family!

Schedule a call here to get started! And be sure to check out all of our glowing reviews on our Reviews page, too.

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