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I have been nothing but impressed with the products iTherapy has pulled together, and the support they provide to us. They are the best of all worlds: their rates are reasonable; but their conscientiousness, customer service, and product selection are exceptionally high.
Dr. Amber Lyda | iTherapy
Dr. Amber Lyda
Licensed Psychologist
I was told that you couldn’t make real money if you had your own practice. Well, all I can say is, ‘I wish I had started my practice sooner.’ I’m earning the money I need, doing what I love, and running my own schedule, all because I started my own practice.
Carol O'Saben, PhD
Carol O'Saben
Thanks to tools like iTherapy, there is no longer a need to worry about spending weeks researching, subscribing, and downloading the necessary tools for starting your own therapy business. iTherapy provides you with all of the tools that you’ll need.
Eric Silver
Eric Silver

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