Nobody makes starting and managing your online private practice easier than iTherapy.

For many therapists, iTherapy has helped them streamline their practices and even offer new online services. wrote this glowing review of iTherapy, that reads in part:

Thanks to tools like iTherapy, there is no longer a need to worry about spending weeks researching, subscribing, and downloading the necessary tools for starting your own therapy business. iTherapy provides you with all of the tools that you’ll need to manage your clients, arrange information, conduct sessions via video and chat, receive payments, and more.
Eric Silver

Whether you offer therapy online, in-office or a combination of both, iTherapy’s fantastic tools allow you to set up and run an efficient counseling office, including invoicing and receiving of payments.

I have been nothing but impressed with the products iTherapy has pulled together and the support they provide to us. They are the best of all worlds, their rates are reasonable, but their conscientiousness, customer service, and product selection is exceptionally high. In nine months, I went from working full time at another job and commuting 10 hours a week, to a full-time online only psychotherapy practice with the support of iTherapy.
Dr. Amber Lyda
Licensed Psychologist

The HIPPA-compliant online counseling platform is an essential tool that ensures secure communication with your clients. iTherapy also provides all the other tools needed for the smooth running of your practice whether it is a new and growing practice or an established one where changes are being made.

iTherapy has been great for all of my video-conference counseling sessions! It's incredibly easy to use for both me as well as my clients. The customer service is excellent as well! I even suggested it in my new holistic healing book as a good organization for people to get linked up with counseling via video-conference.
Gina Spielman Hostert

Clinical notes, payment processing, email and telephone are important and for those that are just getting started iTherapy offers a Free Business Plan Generator with a step-by-step guide to getting started, and free consultations and discounted services for your licensing and credentialing for health insurance.

It has everything, and support is awesome!
Jamie Leighton Young

Marketing tips will make it easier for clients to find you, and you can hire virtual assistants at a discounted price for any administration or marketing that you can’t cope with.

Earlier today, I completed my first online introduction and training into the world of iTherapy with Heather Summy... what a wonderful gift she has been to this non techno savvy therapist!! She answered my dozens of questions with patience and calm. I have 'homework' to complete before our next meeting and I am looking forward to exploring the platform! It has been an awesome experience so far!
Teri Johnson

Besides the initial training, the team and partners offer advice and you have access to ongoing training. You become a member of the private online community, receive regular iTips newsletter, and get all the tools, services and support you need from one source. Everything is accessible from anywhere you are with an internet connection, and all this comes at an affordable price.

I was told that you couldn’t make real money if you had your own practice. Well, all I can say is, ‘I wish I had started my practice sooner.’ I’m earning the money I need, doing what I love, and running my own schedule, all because I started my own practice.
Dr. Carol O'Saben

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Before you go:

Get our Starting Your Practice Checklist, delivered straight to your inbox!