Updates regarding Theranest Clearinghouse and Text/Call Appointment Reminders

Updates regarding Theranest Clearinghouse and Text/Call Appointment Reminders

SUBJ: IMPORTANT! Possible Price Increase


As much as possible, we try not to raise prices for you. We know that the simple, fixed price is one of the things you like about iTherapy!

However, sometimes our costs rise so significantly, we have to make some adjustments. Let me tell you about 3 different cost increases we recently had and what we’re doing about it. 

  1. Hushmail. Hushmail recently increased their rates. However, we’ve decided to pay the additional cost ourselves rather than pass it on to you. Why? Because it’s a uniform increase across all our providers with Hushmail, because there are so many providers using this service, and because we can. We want to minimize your headaches and this is one we can take on that will give so many of you one less thing to worry about. 
  2. Theranest new clearinghouse charge. If you’re using TherapyNotes or you’re using Apex with Theranest, this doesn’t apply to you. However, if you are using something other than Apex, Theranest has started to levy a new $15/mo charge for that service. If you are using another clearinghouse, we’ll have to start charging you this $15/mo fee. This fee has already started to be levied in June. If you’re one of the affected people, we’ll be increasing your fee soon.
    Again, if you’re using TherapyNotes or you’re using Apex with Theranest, this one doesn’t apply to you!
  3. Text and call appointment reminders. Firstly, I want to point out that email remainders are still free! If you use email appointment reminders only, this charge doesn’t apply to you.
    That said, we’ve received an increase in the cost for sending automatic text (SMS) or phone call appointment reminders to clients. In one case, the cost of appointment reminders for a single group practice was nearly two hundred dollars for one month!
    Because this charge can grow to be significant, it varies so much between providers, and it’s not an option everyone chooses to use, that we need to pass this charge to our providers.
    From now on, if you’d like to use text and call appointment reminders, we’ll charge $15/mo for this service. That will get you up to 100 total text and/or call reminders/month. For most of you, that’s more than enough.
    If you go over 100 text and/or phone reminders/month, we’ll charge $.14/text + $.14/call minute with a 1 minute minimum/call + $15/mo. (Ex: A group practice has 200 session reminder texts and 150 session reminder phone calls each under 1 minute, they’d pay $64 for the reminders that month.)
    If you’d like to avoid these charges altogether, email appointment reminders are free!

Many of you won’t see any price increases at all – if you use Apex Clearinghouse and email appointment notifications, you won’t see a change at all. But we wanted to make sure everyone is aware of these new policies. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

Thank you for letting us help you do the incredible work you do. 

Thank you for being a part of iTherapy


June 28, 2023 / iTherapy Blog

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