How do I know I have the right therapist?

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How do I know I have the right therapist?

Choosing a therapist can be difficult.  Let’s say you have found a therapist – how do you know it is the right one?  There are a few things that are key in the relationship between a client and a therapist.

1. Do you feel comfortable?

You should feel comfortable, almost like you are talking to a close friend.  A close friend that won’t judge you or make you feel bad about what you say…lol.  Do you feel like you can open up and be honest?  If not, move on if it does not improve after 3 sessions.  It is best to go a few sessions before making a decision so you can really get a feel for each other.  For more on finding out how to choose a therapist check out my blog post 5 Things to Know When Choosing a Therapist

2. What do you feel in your body?

Pay attention to what you feel in your body.  Our bodies can tell us so much about how we feel about situations if we are able to tune into that.  If you feel uncomfortable it is probably not a good fit.  Like I said before, it is best to give it a few sessions – but sometimes you just know.  Go with your gut feeling.

3. Cost?

Can you afford it?  If not, find a therapist you can afford and have a good relationship with – yes it does exist!  You can also ask if they offer a sliding scale if you really like them, a lot of therapists will work with people.

4. Scheduling?

The other thing you need to think about is if it fits in your schedule and the therapist’s schedule.  Nothing is worse that really clicking with someone, only to find out that you can’t get back in to see them.

***I hope this helps you figure out if you have the right therapist.  Remember to always trust your gut instinct, but be willing to give therapy a chance!

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