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Is Psychotherapy Effective?

See for yourself: Studies have shown that online counseling, in the right circumstances, can work as effectively as face-to-face counseling.  If you are like most people you want to know more before making a decision. We have gathered some helpful information to assist you in making an informed decision.

Telehealth Publications by Industry Leaders

American Psychological Association / 2014

In this article you will learn how to select a psychologist and find out what to expect from your therapist and counseling this article also provides guidance on understanding medications as well as assessing the effectiveness of therapy.

Will Counseling Work for Me ?

The Chronicle Of Higher Education / 2014

A recent trial at the University of Florida found online counseling to be effective in treatment of anxiety. The success of this program may just the beginning in the shift to acceptance of online counseling, and not just for college campuses.

Therapy Assisted Online Program Successful

Dr. Cheryl MacDonald, RN, Psy’D. / 2013

There are many different approaches to Psychotherapy and they can be difficult to understand. This article presents the different approaches in easy to understand terms that will help you understand your options.

Different Approaches To Therapy

Everyday Health/Therese Borchard / Feb 4, 2014

Choosing the right therapist is key to your success and satisfaction with counseling services. Here are some good questions to consider asking when you interview potential therapists.

Shopping for a Good Therapist?: 4 Questions You Must Ask

National Institute of Mental Health / 2013

Considering medication can be overwhelming to many people. This article provides an overview of different medications and will help to prepare you to ask questions of your medical provider.

Can Medication Help ?

Does Insurance Cover Online Services?

As of now, 19 states require private insurance plans to include and cover telehealth services within their plans. Missouri and Montana recently joined this list in January 2014, and Arizona will join in January of 2015.

See if you’re covered: Online Counseling Insurance Coverage.

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Before you go:

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