Counseling Private Practice Business Plan

Counseling Private Practice Business Plan

As Mental Health Professionals, you pursue your passion – Helping People. However, your practice is also your business! If your business is not successful, you won’t be able to pursue your dream of helping people for long.

If you’re wondering how to start a private practice, the first step in the process is to create a Counseling Private Practice Business Plan.

Why a business plan? Have you ever gone on a road trip for vacation? What did you do to make your vacation as fun and exciting as it could be? You planned! Is my car ready for the trip? Do I know where I am going? Do I need hotel reservations? What is the best route to take me there? Do I have the tools to make my trip successful: map, GPS, a good functioning car?

A Business Plan is just that – planning out all the details of where you want your practice to go and what you need to make that trip a success. Whether you are a sole practitioner, a group practice or part of a major company, you need a plan

We know a business plan can be intimidating, but as Your Private Practice Experts, we’re here to help.

The first piece of building your plan is determining where you want to go. To continue the vacation analogy, this first piece is just six simple questions to help pick your vacation destination: Starting a Counseling Private Practice. After you complete the questions, we’ll email you your answers as a PDF for you to save.

The second piece of building your plan is our Starting Your Practice Checklist There are many things to consider when starting your practice. This checklist are items to be considered and addressed. Enter your name and email address, and we’ll email you the checklist as a PDF for you to save.

@itherapy_com is sharing their Counseling #PrivatePracticeBusinessPlan Generator!

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Over the next few months, we’ll be releasing our new Counseling Private Practice Business Plan Generator piece by piece. Each piece will be a similar format to this first piece – a short series of simple questions to guide you through starting your business. We encourage you to bookmark this page and check back for future releases.

We can’t wait for you to work through your plan and start your private practice journey with us. These tools are here to help you develop your unique, personalized plan and we’re making it easy.

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    Thank you, kind people

    • :

      Thank you for your interest. We hope we can continue to be a resource for you and your counseling private practice.

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    I LOVE it. I know biz plans are so important. So I really look forward to the step-by-step help. Thanks!

    • :

      Thank you! We are glad to help. We look forward to continuing to help each step of the way. Check back periodically for more post and information to help your office or online counsling practice grow.

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    This is a very kind gesture. I think it is wonderful that you are lending your expertise to the counseling community.
    ? Bravo

    • :

      Thank you! We are excited to help the industry. We are listening to our providers and finding ways to help them and the industry grow.

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    I have a LMSW and I am also an ordained minister , so is there a possibility of someone like me obtaining a private practice ?

    • :

      Thank you for your question! I forwarded your contact info to one of our specialists to help you.

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    This is going to be a good experience and a great learning opportunity

    • :

      We sure hope so! We are listening to our providers and others in the counseling community. We want to help you and the office and online counseling industry continue to grow.

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