Surviving the Holiday Season

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Surviving the Holiday Season

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This will be my first Blog article and honestly I am nervous. I hope it is well received. I thought this would be a good time to write a blog because of the Holidays. For some it can be a very difficult time. I have had client’s come in and say they feel dread for the upcoming holidays. Some clients even stated they get headaches a couple weeks before the Holiday season starts. People dread the holidays for different reasons but this all can change with support and a willingness to change a couple of things. If you’re an adult you obviously have more freedom to make decisions. The first question I always ask as a therapist is what do you want? It doesn’t matter what other’s think what matters is what is best for you. If you truly do not want to participate in an activity, than say so in a nice assertive manner. For example, I do not want to attend this gathering because there is too much drinking involved. I do not drink and I do not like being around others who drink. You might be surprised that you will get a kinder response than you think. If not, than that is there issue, not yours. Another, issue I hear often is they feel obligated to spend money they do not have or do not want to. A recommendation I have before each holiday season is too set a budget and stick to it. You may even get as detailed as too how much per person. If someone surprises you with a gift you were not expecting you are not obligated to return a gift. All that is needed is a Thank you. Another reason that could be difficult is a separation either by death or by separation. Again, it is up to what you really want to do. If you want to celebrate but find it difficult, talk to a therapist or someone who is supportive that will lend a listening ear. You could also have a little memorial during a Christmas celebration if the separation is a death. If a separation is not due to a death the celebration might help as a distraction if not try a different activity and start a new tradition. Note these are all recommendations and are not advice. You have the right to make a decision on what is best for you. I wish you all the best during this Holiday Season.

Michelle Inauen LPC & LMFT Associate

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