How to get clients while talking about what you love without having to conquer your fear of public speaking.

How to get clients while talking about what you love without having to conquer your fear of public speaking.

What if I told you that you could market yourself by answering peoples questions about what you are specialized in as a therapist?

What if I told you that countless other therapists have used this exact same method to market their practice and book more clients. (One even filled her entire caseload!)

What if I told you that while most therapists are scared and uncomfortable about this marketing technique they fall in love with it after some experience because it allows them to help people while marketing themselves and talking about something they know inside-and-out?

Pretty stoked, right?!

Well that’s exactly what I’m going to tell you about. 



Okay, I know that might sound like gibberish to you, so let me give it some clarity for you.


REDDIT is one of the top 20 websites on the web. In other words, a LOT of people are using it and seeing what’s there.

What that means for you is, you can be seen by a LOT of people if you use REDDIT, too.


Reddit is most like acollection of online forums. The big opportunity here is one particular “forum” that you can use like a virtual press conference via text.

Here’s 4 starter tips if you’re ready to try it for yourself (or you can skip the hassle and sign up for this FREE course that’s already helping therapists fill their case load.


Lead with your expertise. Instead of saying you’re a therapist, tell them what you specialize in or what you help people overcome so that people know what questions you can answer:

  • I HELP PEOPLE overcome perfectionism.


Answer questions genuinely. Give practical and specific tips that readers could start implementing immediately.

Instead of being concerned about giving away your work and not being hired because people just can access your information for free believe in the depth and power of your work. The work you do changes lives. Changing lives takes time and work – hard work. 

Your capacity to serve and help someone is so much greater than a useful tip typed in a text field on a forum. When individuals have the opportunity to experience the services you have they are more likely to hire you because they are able to see that you have SO MUCH MORE to offer.

Think of it this way: If someone gave you a taste of ice cream for your very first time, don’t you think you’d be begging for the whole bowl after that first spoonful?! You want more! Don’t let that yummy end!!!

It’s the same with being helpful online.


This might seem like bad practice as a mental health professional, but sharing a little bit about yourself can help build a connection with your potential clients. People do business with people, particularly people they know, like, and trust! Showing your personality is a great way to build your “know, like, trust” factor. 


Because it shows that you are another human on the other side of the screen.

Two ways to show your personality:

  1. Share real life stories. This reveals part of who you are and your background, which often creates common ground.
  2. Share an interesting fact about you. Your introduction is a great place to share some quarky little tidbit. If you’re a huge fan of 80’s hair metal, share that. Love Harry Potter so much you have a deathly hallows tattoo? Cool! Your ideal client might feel more comfortable talking with you knowing you two have that common ground.
  3. Type how you talk. If there’s phrases you often use, unique words like “y’all, wonky, BOOM”, or extra information you would throw in for fun, add it here too! 


Link to other people’s work. If you know of a book, podcast, or blog post that had lots of good information on a topic someone asked you about point them in that direction.

This proves that you are there to help and not just self promote.

Bottom-line, there’s an incredible platform in the world waiting for you to take advantage of it and grow your business by helping people with the skills you already have.

What are you waiting for?!

Here’s a link to the FREE course to get your started and as always you’re welcome to schedule a free consultation with us to find out other ways to make your practice simple!

September 18, 2019 / iTherapy Blog

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