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Fear and anxiety are similar, but not the same. With the COVID numbers rising so quickly, many have moved from anxiety into fear. So many have to tuck the fear inside and keep going to take care of others. Jan offers some thoughts on moving through the fear each day.     Original ... Read More



Stuck on Stress

October 27, 2020
Human beings have a finite amount of bandwidth when it comes to managing stress. Many people feel "stuck" on stress. Jan reminds us of ways to process stress even while the source of the stress remains.     Original Post October 26, 2020 on Jan Kwiatkowski at JDK Counseling ... Read More


Whether for an invitation to a holiday gathering or a request on personal, time, or caregiving resources, saying "no" often is hard. Jan offers some thoughts on saying "no" as self-care, as well as, polite, but firm ways to simply say "no" and stick to it.     Original Post October 21, 2020 ... Read More


People everywhere are having to dig deep to manage anxiety and stress, rather than having anxiety and stress manage them. Jan revisits a simple grounding technique for adults, teens and children to do just that. Please share this with anyone who might find it helpful     Original Post October 14, 2020 on ... Read More




October 12, 2020
One-minute to simply breathe.         Original Post October 8, 2020 on Jan Kwiatkowski at JDK Counseling on YouTube   Jan Kwiatkowski is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) practicing in the State of WI and has a passion for working with women experiencing Postpartum ... Read More


Jan shares whats she's learned about moving through major national traumas. Individually and collectively, human beings move through a major crisis in well-studied and broadly predictable stages. While it doesn't necessarily make it any easier to get through the longterm day-to-day of our lives, it can help to know that ... Read More



You Loved and Cared–Grief

September 25, 2020
It's probably safe to say that just about everyone is experiencing some kind of grief. Sometimes, we have to "set aside" that grief to care for others. It's important that we intentionally "get back" to our grief to heal and be well.   Original Post September 21, 2020 on Jan Kwiatkowski ... Read More



Forward and Backward

September 14, 2020
Here's a simple, fun anxiety and stress management technique. Try it on.   Original Post September 11, 2020 on Jan Kwiatkowski at JDK Counseling on YouTube   Jan Kwiatkowski is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) practicing in the State of WI and has a ... Read More


Feeling down, tired, irritable, impatient, eating a little more or less, and some sleep difficulties are a normal reaction to the abnormal situation in our country. There are ways to manage an ongoing low-level depression (dysthymia) so it doesn't become something harder to manage or treat. Please share with anyone ... Read More


Tensions are rising in families, workplaces, and the community. Unrelenting stress, anxiety, grief, and trauma can exhaust or overwhelm the best of coping skills. Finding your feet is a practical grounding tool anyone can use to support healthy responses in our relationships.     Original Post July 29, 2020 on Jan Kwiatkowski ... Read More