Why forgive?

Written by an iTherapy Provider

Why forgive?

Motivation Monday – Forgiveness is for you!

Original Blog October 2, 2019 on Real Counseling: Why Forgive?. Check out more of my Vlogs/Blogs on my Real Counseling Inc website.

Mark Tovar is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor in the State of Texas and has worked in many areas of mental health: schools; treatment centers; judicial systems; colleges and universities; and with leaders and executives in our community. His passion is to help people lead more productive and fulfilling lives. He wants to empower you to improve your relationships, accomplish your goals, and still have time for you! Call (210) 588-0863 or email mark@realcounselinginc.com  to set up a FREE 15-minute consultation. Visit Mark Tovar’s Profile.

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