What’s the Difference Between Stress & Anxiety?

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What’s the Difference Between Stress & Anxiety?


The topics of stress and anxiety are important and valuable to learn more about. My hope is that this brief sharing may bring assistance to you, your family, a neighbor, or a child in your life. Stress and anxiety are bound to occur for most people at some point in their lives. It could be brought on by a major life event such as a new relationship, career change, move, or loss. It could also be spurred by daily parenting challenges, a difficult coworker, or just feeling worn out and tired or sick. If you’re wondering whether or not you may be dealing with stress or anxiety in your own life you can start by checking to see if any of the following may apply to you.

Do you find yourself thinking:

– I have a good life, what’s wrong, why can’t I be happy?

– I constantly feel overwhlemed by, anxiety, stress, or too much going on.

– I don’t feel confident in my decisions.

– I wish I could feel more connected to the important people in my life.

– I feel stuck and want to be able to move forward again.

– My relationships with friends, family, or my partner aren’t as good as they could be.

– I want to enjoy life again.

These can be indicators that stress and or anxiety are rearing their head in your life. Sometimes distinguishing the difference between stress and anxiety can provide insight into the factors in your life causing the difficulty. After observing and learning about the stress or anxiety it’s often easier to plan an approach to effectively to dissapate symptoms.

Stress is the reaction to a disturbance in your life, simple as that! This could be something causing you: emotional, physical, spiritual, or mental disturbance. The physical reaction to the threat (or percieved threat) affects the body chemistry and is then experienced as stress. Tightness in the chest, muscles, head or stomache ache, increased blood pressure, tunnel vision, and tension are some of the sings.

Anxiety on the other hand is the result of stress continuing without a natrual dissipation. Anxiety can go on and on and may express as constant worry, feelings of dread, or fears that keep going even when the threat is gone. Physical signs show up too and can lead to panic attacks if the anxiety grows in intensity.

The good news is that both stress and anxiety can have good outcomes with treatment and focused skill-building. Neither stress nor anxiety need to control your life. Often valuable messages come along with feelings of stress or signs of anxiety. Pausing to slow down, tuning in to what’s going on in your body and in your environment in the moment, and looking at your options and choosing one or more destressing techniques can assist you in finding relief.

Working with stress and anxiety with a professional can be beneficial if you find yourself stuck, getting worse, or when what you’ve been doing just isn’t working anymore. We are designed for growth and transformation. You have this!

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