Walk and Talk Therapy…Right for you?

Written by an iTherapy Provider

Are you a person who paces when you are restless or need to solve a problem?

Have you ever taken a walk to feel better? To think? To let out anger or relieve stress?

Then, you have instinctively tapped into the Mind/Body connection to problem solve and/or heal.

Walk and Talk Therapy uses what we now know about the mind/body connection and evidenced-based therapies to facilitate therapeutic conversations outside the confines of an office.

Walk and Talk Therapy supports the healing and wellness of the whole person. More and more research is showing that physical movement is a key component to healing depression and anxiety.

Walk and Talk Therapy:

  • Encourages people to be more active in physical and mental wellness.
  • Parallels the process of moving forward through life and relationship challenges.
  • Supports more efficient sessions and problem-solving due to client’s being more relaxed.
  • Relieves the intensity of direct face-to-face contact, as the therapist and client walk side-by-side.
  • Allows people to access the healing power of nature and beauty.
  • Increases connection and decreases isolation.

Who benefits from Walk and Talk Therapy?

  • Those experiencing depression, anxiety, and/or stress.
  • Those who don’t like or want the stigma of going to a therapist’s office.
  • Those experiencing grief and loss.
  • People who are feeling trapped or stuck for whatever reason.
  • People who are more action-oriented problem solvers.

Wondering if Walk and Talk Therapy is right for you? Have questions about logistics? Confidentiality?
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Jan Kwiatkowski is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) practicing in the State of WI and has a passion for working with women experiencing Postpartum Depression, Anxiety or OCD, or relational challenges related to becoming parents. She is dedicated to whole person and family wellness, and growth and resilience. Her approach assumes the dignity and resilience of every human being and that each person is truly the expert in their own lives. Call (414) 485-0700 or email jan@therapysecure.com  to set up a FREE 20-minute consultation. Visit Jan Kwiatkowski’s Profile.

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