Trauma Symptom Management: Assessing and Building on your Coping Skills (Video)

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Trauma Symptom Management: Assessing and Building on your Coping Skills (Video)

I hope that you are finding Trauma Symptom Management Series helpful. You can find all of the Trauma Symptom Management videos in the playlist named the same.

If you need help staying in the present, and not getting lost in past pain or worried thoughts about the future, grounding techniques may be helpful. This is a five senses grounding technique.

This is not a substitute for therapy, but may be helpful to compliment your personal or professionally guided growth through trauma symptoms.

Please use emergency and crisis supports if you need them. I will list some below. Posting to this page or reaching out through my email or phone are not ways to get immediate help. Please go to the nearest emergency room, call the national crisis hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or text HOME to 741741 for text support. You can also go to the national suicide prevention website for chat support.

See the videos in this series: Introduction to Trauma Symptom Management Series, Five Senses Grounding

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