Three ways the Mindfulness Cubicle is Transforming Private Practices (and you should expect your VA to transform yours)

Three ways the Mindfulness Cubicle is Transforming Private Practices (and you should expect your VA to transform yours)

This was NOT the plan was it?!

Getting the end of an exhausting but fulfilling day of counseling sessions only to be greeted by…


  • emails begging for an answer
  • unfulfilled insurance claims waiting for you to make a phone call (assuming you want to get paid)
  • not to mention picking your kids up from school and getting something on the table for dinner.

You’re a good therapist.

Helping hurting individuals live lives of freedom is your jam!

  • Paperwork…
  • Phone calls…
  • Deductibles…

…Not so much.

Balancing the business-side of a practice AND the counseling-side of a practice may not have ever been part of your plan.

The good news is: It doesn’t have to be.

How do I know?!

Well, my friend was drowning in a schedule jammed with one-on-one sessions, followed by long nights of paperwork. Instead of creating a plan to master the business-side of her private practice she decided to delegate it by hiring the Mindfulness Cubicle.

Her joy-drained days transformed into joy-filled hours of counseling session (which she already was a master at), creating online courses, and launching group coaching programs.

See, Mindfulness Cubicle is a Virtual Assistant Agency started by licensed therapist, Kim Keller (READ: operates a HIPAA compliant VA agency)!

Through a series of events Kim found herself moving from CO to NC, which meant leaving her clients and successful private practice. While struggling to get her NC license and find a job she decided to do something from home that would make money.

About that time she responded to a therapists comment asking for help on the business end of her practice. Since that comment Kim has been able to free up countless therapists to focus on what they love, scaling their business, and enjoying life (she even hired a team member to be able to tackle more projects).

The three ways Mindfulness Cubicle transforms private practices (and you can expect your VA to transform yours):


Answering emails, scheduling appointments, and returning phone calls takes A LOT OF TIME! Time you could be serving more clients or getting new clients. You can ask Virtual assistants to assist you in the following areas (and manner) of communication:

  • Inquiry inbox: Responding to questions and even scheduling first time appointments!
  • Professional email account: Organizing it, unsubscribing from all those email lists you really just wanted the handy-dandy-cheat-sheet from, and (if you want) answer the emails they are qualified to handle and flag the rest for you to get to.
  • Phone calls: Most virtual assistants won’t answer phone calls live, however they will care for and follow up with voicemails.


You got a new client…woohoo!

They hand you an insurance card…boohoo!

Don’t get me wrong you’re excited about another client. That’s another payment, and let’s be real, another life impacted in a positive way. But couldn’t there be an easier way to keep up with verification of benefits, deductibles, and billing?!

There is: Your Virtual Assistant.


Ask them to…

  • Call the insurance company of each new client and get all the deductible information.
  • Follow up on the deductible monthly.
  • Track the payments from insurance companies and call insurance companies about any denied or delayed claims.


Obviously there’s a lot of scheduling that goes on with your private practice. But there’s a lot of scheduling that goes on with your life, too. Things like dentist appointments, hair appointments, booking flights to grandma’s house for thanksgiving, ordering that last minute Father’s Day gift, and making it to your kids soccer game on time!!

You hired a virtual assistant so you could do more of what you love, scale your business, and enjoy life with the people that matter to you. Don’t hesitate to ask your VA to free up some time for you by scheduling some personal appointments!


As I wrapped up my interview with Kim, this was the piece of advice she wanted to make sure you received:

“Regardless of who you hire, be sure to hire someone you connect with.

You wouldn’t hire a therapist you don’t connect with, so don’t hire a VA you don’t connect with.

Working with a virtual assistant is a day-in-and-day-out thing. They will be involved in the nitty-gritty of your business. Make sure they’re someone you like communicating and working with.”

Moral of the story: Throw yourself into what you do best – the counseling-side of things – and hire a virtual assistant, whom you connect with, to handle the business-side of things.

Who knows, you might watch your business soar to new heights by planning to focus on what you’re good at and delegate what you’re bad at (or at least drains your energy)!


To get some of this transformation in YOUR Private Practice, contact Kim at Mindfulness Cubicle HERE.

June 19, 2019 / iTherapy Blog

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