The Ultimate Resource Library for Therapists

The Ultimate Resource Library for Therapists

Ever hit a wall in your practice and thought, “If only I had someone with a little bit of experience in this particular area I would feel a lot better about myself right now?”.     

If you’re a private practice or online therapist peer groups can be great for this.

If you’re a traditional therapist you probably work at a group practice and have access to someone who can answer your question or at least point you in the right direction.

But what about when you just don’t want to wait or the person you would ask isn’t available?

Ili River Walter, PhD, LMFT – as well as a consultant, supervisor, professor, and wellness warrior for mental health professionals – has created a resource library with over 18,000 eager subscribers. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Ili started her own private practice in 2011. Before too long she began looking into becoming a group practice. Then her daughter was born. It was then that she knew she couldn’t commit more hours away from her. So, her online therapy journey began.

While running her online practice and writing her dissertation she kept asking herself, “What can I do while I’m writing my dissertation to keep my skills strong, but also see if what I know is helpful for others?”. 

That’s when was born.

A few months later, when her very first pin on pinterest went viral, Ili knew she had created something special that was indeed helpful for others.

For the last three years she has continued to pour immense time and energy into creating checklists, templates, and guides for therapists in all walks of their journey.

Here’s a sneak peak into the six most downloaded resources in her library (and the links to get your hands on them, too):


If you want to be sure you’re nailing your first session, asking all the right questions, making your client feel comfortable, and providing premium care this six-page checklist just became your new best friend!

The first session checklist covers the five essential components of a successful first session. It is best suited for individuals who are new to therapy or are just starting a solo or group practice and want a consistent structure for sessions within their practice. 

Get access to this resource and the ENTIRE library HERE.


Whether you’re a new or seasoned therapist, writing a case summary can feel daunting. That’s why The Case Summary Template was created. Not quite “drag and drop” but a far cry away from staring at a blank page for hours, this three page template walks therapists through writing a case study for academic, documentation, and supervision purposes. 

This is also a good resource for professors and supervisors who are teaching students how to write case studies.

For a quick how-to and to grab the template for yourself click HERE. 

SUPERVISEE ONBOARDING CHECKLIST (specifically for supervisors)

If you’re a therapist who serves as a supervisor either within an agency or your own practice, this checklist will be your lifesaver. It’s designed to keep you on track and to make sure you don’t forget a thing while mentoring a therapist.

Learn more or download the checklist HERE.


NOTE: While not a downloadable pdf, this is an invaluable resource and one of the most viewed pages on the Family Therapy Basics website, so we didn’t want to not include it. 

The Children + Family Therapy Series is a three part series that covers six general guidelines for working with families from a systemic perspective. You will learn how to engage every member of the family, stay mindful of their triggers, and support childrens’ voices through therapy.

Read it all here: 

Part 1 

Part 2

Part 3


How do you help a family walk with their child(ren) through a diagnosis? What words do you use? What do you focus on? This three page checklist covers an integrative approach to speaking with families and provides therapists with guidelines on how to talk to the family whether the child is present or just the parents. 

It’s easy for therapists to get stuck using the terminology of the diagnosis to refer to an actual experience, but it’s very important that therapists assess, address, and deepen how the diagnosis is a unique experience for both the child and the parent. This checklist will help you do just that!

Get the checklist and a brief overview of systemic conversations with children HERE.


If you’ve ever wondered how to integrate state laws and rules, stay aware of business issues, consider dual relationships, and have an ethical perspective on training and creating a coaching niche this is the check list for you! 

The ethical coaching checklist includes 13 tips on how to move in the direction of offering coaching in your business and walks therapists through necessary tasks to get there.

Read the blog post and get your own copy of the checklist HERE.

If you’re like, “Mmmmm nice resources! But can I have a real person?” listen up!

Ili Rivera Walter has more stuff to offer. What?!

  1. Refreshed Therapist Network is an online business and personal growth community for psychotherapists. Founded by Ili in 2017, it’s purpose is to offer therapists a place to grow their business in a way that fits with their values. Learn more or join the network HERE.
  2. City Couples is an online therapy practice specializing in couple therapy. This is where you can find Ili spending her clinician hours. You heard that right. On top of providing top-of-the-line resources to clinicians, she’s on the front-lines serving couples! You can learn more or schedule a session with Ili HERE.
  3. When Ili isn’t running her network, serving clients, or writing for her resource library she’s a Graduate Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy at Nyack College.


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