The five most important questions to consider when choosing your online payment processor.

The five most important questions to consider when choosing your online payment processor.

You deserve to be paid.

At least, that’s what we believe.

But as a therapist running an online practice, we realize getting paid isn’t as simple as receiving a paycheck. It’s as complicated as making an apple pie…

You’ve gotta make the crust, peel and slice those apples, sprinkle the right amount of sugar on everything, and bake it just enough so the apples are soft, but don’t turn into applesauce.

Half those things you didn’t even know to consider before you started making a pie, right?!

Whoever made up the saying “easy as pie” was nuts!

We don’t want you to be caught off guard when choosing an online payment processor, so while we can’t hand you a recipe, we can walk you through the five most important questions to consider when choosing your online payment processor.

Overwhelmed already?! Just want to talk to A PERSON about all this?! Making your practice simple is why we got into all this in the first place, so skip the rest of this post and schedule yourself and one-on-one call with our team member to cut through the chase and get your questions answered ASAP!


1. What are the fees? Are there any hidden fees?


We’re pretty familiar with the 20% processing fee with paypal, right?! And that’s pretty common across the board. However, some processors have a monthly fee, transfer minimums, and/or fees to move money from the payment processor to your bank account.

Make sure you are fully informed so you’re not surprised when the end of the month rolls around!


2. Who does the processor favor when a claim is filed or refund is requested?


Kinda crazy to think about, right?! But it’s legit. In the case of a disputed payment or requested refund, does the processor you’re considering have a track record for considering both sides – yours as the provider and their as the client?

No shows are a real thing in your world, that should always mean no-pay for you.


3. How long does it take for YOU to get the money once the transaction occurs?


Processing funds and transferring funds takes time, but you shouldn’t have to wait a month to get your money. I’m talking one to two business days or less! Get clear on how long it will take to process funds (ie, the transaction between you and client) and how long it will take for you to transfer the money into your account!


4. How user-friendly is the platform?


Paypal is widely recognized and therefore widely used. It’s trusted and it’s easy to use. Take your payment processor search to the next level by not only finding a processor that’s secure, but also easy to use!


5. Does the platform store credit card information?


Let’s be real, hopping onto amazon and checking out in a matter of seconds because it saves ALL your information is the BOMB! Also, means you probably spend more money on amazon and are more likely to shop on amazon (and…free two-day shipping with prime probably helps, too).

Steal the saved-and-paid strategy to make sure your user experience is smooth and speedy.

Now, if you’re one of those people who goes to the store and buys a Mrs. Smith Apple Pie, pops it in the oven, and says “tada” an hour later with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, we’ve got something for you!

A secure online payment processor that integrates with your client management system AND saves payment information. It’s simple, just like our mission: Your practice made simple!

Want a free demo to see how this works?! Schedule one here.

If not, we wish you the best of luck finding the ideal online payment processor for you and your clients, because we believe you deserve to get paid, whether or not you work with us!

June 5, 2019 / iTherapy Blog

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