The go-to course for private practice’s wanting to build credibility, boost visibility, + book more clients.

The go-to course for private practice’s wanting to build credibility, boost visibility, + book more clients.

How many times have you been like, “I’m gonna start an online private practice” but never did because tackling the Website Beast was just too overwhelming?

We get it. Whether…

…you didn’t know how to build a website (what is coding and html anyways?)

…hiring someone to build one was just way, too expensive

…or you straight up didn’t know where to begin

Here are the first five things you should be considering (if you’re more of a video person feel free to hop over to youtube and watch this six minute video instead):


Basically, where are you going to build and host your website? 

  • WordPress. 
  • Wix. 
  • Squarespace.

These are all examples of programs that allow you to build and display websites.

We recommend squarespace because it’s easy to use and relatively inexpensive. They have what is called a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to find formats you like, drop them into your website and then customize the individual pieces of that format such as images, text, and color.

Also *shameless plug*, we created a step-by-step course that walks you through everything you need to know to build an aesthetically pleasing website that’s efficient and engaging.

BRANDING (aka. create specific visuals that make you stand out)

How will people visually recognize who you are and what you do?

In a world saturated with messaging you need to stand out, not just with epic words, degrees and experience, but with visuals as well.

This includes everything from front, to colors, to logos, to the types of images you use to communicate the feelings you want your ideal clients to associate with you.

If done right, branding can become one of your most powerful connectors to other people. Let’s take Apple for example. If I was to show you a picture of a minimalist apple you would immediately think “Apple”, which would lead you on a thought trail of iPods, laptops, iPhones, and iWatches.

Powerful, right?!

Here’s how it benefits you… 

Let’s pretend you’re a therapist who specializes in anxiety. You have a little image of a flower blooming in the middle of a storm and are always sharing ways to overcome and deal with anxiety. One day someone who follows you see their friend post about struggling with anxiety and immediately she thinks of you and sends this friend you contact information.

Boom, a connection was made and a new client most likely signed.

If you don’t want to tackle branding on your own be sure to check out __________ course which includes a whole entire module with Shire Digital’s art director on how to craft the most powerful branding for your own private practice.

COPYWRITING (aka. write words that draw your audience in and help them understand who you are and what you do so that they are willing to trust you with their story and their cash) 

Whether you hire a designer or build your own website you will have to come up with the words for your website.


Feels a little overwhelming and like, “where do I start?” and “what do people even want to read?”, right?!

Giving you the whole run down would take like 5 whole blog posts, so I’ll tell you the 3 most important things:

  1. The first thing people need to see is who you are, what you do, and who you help. This needs to be bold, simple, and as short as possible.
  2. Include an invitation for readers to schedule an appointment with you and a very visible button for them to click and actually do it!
  3. When you talk about you and what you do, make sure it all relates to how you can help them. Don’t use space talking about how impressive you are. Got it?! (Here’s a good starter post on this.)

In ______ course the CEO and founder of Shire Digital goes over his exact blueprint for crafting compelling messaging captures your audience’s attention and helps them understand who you are and what you do so that they are willing to trust you with their story and their cash (he even made you a whole workbook to go with it).

SEO HACKS (aka. improve your probability of coming up with people search for therapists) 

Just because you have a website with incredible visuals and captivating messaging doesn’t mean your website will show up when people search for a therapist. 

That requires search engine optimization (aka SEO).

Either hire a website builder who understands and leverages SEO or study super hard so that you can have the best chances at getting seen and booked through online searches.

Or, just sign up for this course that includes SEO hacks and ot get the most for your time and buck!

Websites are huge (in so many ways than one).

Obviously, they’re a huge project.

Huge for your visibility.

Huge for your credibility.

And huge for booking more clients.

If you’re comfortable on facebook and can write an email you can build your own website with this course!

If DIY isn’t your thing, the Shire Digital team and whip you up and converting and visible website you’ll be proud of in a flash.

Bottom line: don’t postpone your private practice another day, just because tackling a website feels overwhelming!


February 5, 2020 / iTherapy Blog

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