The Best Kept Secret to Owning and Operating Your Online Therapy Practice Independently

The Best Kept Secret to Owning and Operating Your Online Therapy Practice Independently

You’re sitting in front of your computer screen after seven in-person counseling sessions.  You’re exhausted, but determined to get to the bottom of this starting-an-online-practice thing.

Your cursor blinks in the search bar…

Hold up!

Before you go to bed another hour later we’d like to invite you to a virtual work-with-us experience (your family, your clients, and your tomorrow-morning-self will thank you for reading this to the end!).

Go back to your cursor in the search bar and type: how to have a simple online therapy practice

iTherapy pops up.  You click it. Here’s a summary of what you’ll discover:

  1. DEMO
  4. EMAIL UPDATES (so you don’t forget about any features or miss updates)


Your experience with iTherapy will start with a video chat to briefly walk you through our features.  Two things you should know going in: 1) We’re question friendly – the more the better. 2) Because we want you to be able to choose the best package for your practice, we’re gonna throw a lot of information at you.  Hence, question-friendly.

Brief demo overview:

  • HIPAA Compliant Online Counseling Platform
  • Online Scheduling Feature
  • Client Management and Notes
  • Secure Communications
  • Client Invoicing and Payment Procession
  • Electronic Insurance Claims Submissions
  • Personalized Form Creation and Storage


You loved the demo and selected your package.  Congrats! You’ll receive a link to schedule another video session to get all your accounts set up and make sure you know how to navigate all the features (including entering insurance info, scheduling HIPAA compliant video sessions, and filing notes).  


Ever sat on the phone with Customer Service?!  Eats up your time, doesn’t it?! Believe me, we know.  But we’ll sit on hold for you. That’s right, we provide 24/7 live support.  All you have to do is let us know what the challenge is. If we can’t fix it, we’ll get to the bottom of it for you!


iTherapy knows that helping people for a living leaves a lot on your mind, not to mention any of the other hats you might wear, like parent, spouse, daughter, friend… We get that it’s hard to keep up with all the updates and remember all the features at your disposal.  So each month we get all those updates and reminders into one quick and catchy email so you can stay at the top of your game in life and business.


Like we said, we know your brain is in a lot of places at once, the last thing you need is seven payments to have all the platforms you need to run a HIPAA compliant online practice.  So we’ll send you ONE monthly payment. Pay it and you’re good to go for EVERYTHING!


When you work with iTherapy you get your very own profile on our website.  By writing a short bio, tagging the services you provide, and linking your website you have the opportunity to be found by someone who hops onto our website looking for a therapist (don’t worry, we’ll help you set this up, too).

In summary:

iTherapy is the brainchild of Carol Pulley, a practicing therapist, and her husband Forrest Pulley with 20+ years of business experience, who saw a need for a one-stop shop to owning and operating an online therapy practice independently.   

All that to say, we’re not here to sign you up with HIPAA compliant platforms and turn you loose.  

We’re here to help you – answer your questions and provide live tech support – as you help others, we just happen to provide all the HIPAA compliant resources you need to run a successful online practice.  

Katesha S. Broadus, LCSW, BC-TMH, said this about providing online counseling for her clients through iTherapy:

“When I found out about iTherapy I was a few days from launching my practice. I cancelled everything and switched to iTherapy, because of their inclusive virtual office package (phone, fax, email), business coaching, and online platform that supported family/group counseling sessions. Without a doubt, iTherapy was a one stop shop for all of my business needs.”

If you’re like “This is the kind of simple I was looking for,” get your online therapy practice started by scheduling your real-life demo TODAY! And check out our Reviews page to see what people are saying about us, too!

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