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The other day I was helping at a farmers market. My two young children were with me and a person who new another vendor decided to stop by the booth I was helping out at. Now, I had never met this person but he started a conversation with me by ... Read More


It's that time of year. The evenings are starting to get cooler. There are more rainy days. The smell of pumpkin spice will soon fill the air. Here in the mid-west and northern states many are going to be pulling out our warm cozy sweaters and stocking up on hot ... Read More


Counselor, Therapist, Psychotherapist are broad terms that are used within my field interchangeably, this is not helpful. If we want YOU to come to us, we must be able to specify how we help you. I am going to explain how Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) help you figure stuff out ... Read More



Missing Out On Clients

November 16, 2018
If you don’t have these two things on your website you might be missing out on new clients. Something awesome just happened. Wanna know what it is?! Lucy was given a referral to five therapists and one of them is you! She’s ... Read More

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