Stress may not be bad for your health – it depends on how you interpret it

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Stress may not be bad for your health – it depends on how you interpret it

Kelly McGonigal, in her 2019 TED Talk Kelly McGonigal: Can We Reframe The Way We Think About Stress, reveals that stress may not be as harmful as we have been led to believe. In her talk, McGonigal references a Harvard study that showed that re-framing our interpretation of our stress response as our body preparing us for action actually prevented any harmful health impact from stress. She further described how dopamine, released during the body’s stress response, encourages us to seek support, further mitigating any harmful impact of stress on our bodies. Choosing to view stress as helpful preparation, rather than Anxiety, gives us the ability to make the most of stressful situations by seeing ourselves as Courageous and strengthening our social support networks.

Next time you’re feeling stressed, take a moment to think about this amazing body, and take comfort.

Original Blog October 1, 2019 on Counseling For Resilience: Stress may not be bad for your health – it depends on how you interpret it. Check out more of my Blogs on my website.

Lina Lewis-Arévalo MA, LPC, LCADC, NCC and is a Board-Certified, Licensed Professional Counselor. She encourages her clients to think of therapy as part of a journey of Wellbeing, which includes attention to sleep, nutrition, self-expression, connectedness, and bodywork. She is passionate about putting people at ease and helping them to reclaim their Best Selves. Whether your issues stem from early life trauma, ineffective communication skills, poor coping, low self-esteem, etc., she can help you recover that essential you and find joy in your life again. Call (609) 414-7978 or email to set up a session. Visit Lina Lewis-Arévalo’s Profile.

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