Starting a Therapy Private Practice

Starting a Therapy Private Practice

Back in 2007, iTherapy’s co-Founder Carol Pulley, started her private practice. In rural North Carolina, she began an in-office practice and achieved a full case load by the very next year. By 2009, she sought to simplify her practice further – with clients living sometimes an hour away and occasional weather making travel even more time-consuming, she wanted a more convenient way to connect with her clients.

Carol looked for a solution and decided to give online video therapy a try (which was just in its infancy in 2009). The convenience advantages were obvious, but it turns out the efficacy rates are just as high as in office. It was also incredibly easy and intuitive both for her as a provider and for her clients.

As friends asked her how she did it and what tools she used, Carol and her husband Forrest founded iTherapy. If you’re thinking about starting your own private practice, the hardest part can be knowing where to start. But we’re here to help.

In 2 years’ time, Carol had started her private practice, grown it to a full case load, and added the convenience of online therapy to her practice. (Since then, she has done sessions while on vacation on a friend’s boat, from home while recovering from surgery, and with clients that have moved across state.)


Today we’re releasing the second part of our Counseling Private Practice Business Plan generator – the Starting Your Practice Checklist.

@iTherapy_com has released 2nd part of #PrivatePracticeBusinessPlan generator – the Starting Your Practice Checklist!

CLICK TO TWEET @iTherapy_com has released 2nd part of #PrivatePracticeBusinessPlan generator – the Starting Your Practice Checklist!


This checklist covers all the same issues Carol dealt with in starting her successful private practice – now she’s sharing that knowledge with you! This is a free service available to anyone. We hope it is helpful in starting your practice.

But we’re doing even more to make starting your private practice easier and simpler than ever before! Later this week, we have a special announcement to share. Here’s a hint: Over the past few months, we’ve been working to make other related services available to iTherapy subscribers. With our new partners, you’ll be able to get help with virtually every part of this checklist. We’re so excited, we’re having a special announcement deal available for a limited time. Check the blog here for details come Wednesday – you won’t want to miss it!

We’d love to hear what you think of the business plan generator, what questions you have regarding starting or growing your practice, or anything else you’d like to ask us – just leave a comment down below.

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October 2, 2017 / iTherapy Blog

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    I currently drive almost 3 hours for my therapy sessions wish my therapist offered this. Good to see that you and Forrest are successful..

    • :

      Thank you! Hopefully your therapist will consider trying online counseling. Online Counseling Private Practices are growing and many more are finding help through it.

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    Thanks for your advice to seek professional help when starting a private practice. I like how you said that its; possible for anyone to do if they put in enough effort and time. Thanks for the example of Carol! If someone was looking into starting a therapy private practice, I would think that they would keep your tips in mind.

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