Start Now to Safe Guard Against Seasonal Depression

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Start Now to Safe Guard Against Seasonal Depression

It’s that time of year. The evenings are starting to get cooler. There are more rainy days. The smell of pumpkin spice will soon fill the air. Here in the mid-west and northern states many are going to be pulling out our warm cozy sweaters and stocking up on hot cocoa. But what some may not realize is that now is also the ideal time to create a strategy to combat seasonal depression which hits hard for many in the winter months.

  1. Here are some quick tips to help you prepare this fall:Get indoor plants!! This is honestly my favorite. I love plants, sometimes my husband thinks a little too much. Usually I bring my succulents inside for the cold months, but you can also have flowing plants and fresh cut flowers to add some happiness to those otherwise dreary days.
  2. Join a gym or public indoor swimming pool. Here we have a great small indoor pool that offers a family punch card. We get 13 visits for around $80. For our family this is a life saver for those days we feel we need to let loose and have fun.
  3. Go to a comedy show or concert in your area or plan a trip to the nearest city. Getting out and breaking up the monotony of watching all those reruns on Netflix is essential for maintaining your sanity.
  4. Get a family pass to local museums. This provides hours of fun for all, and you don’t have to clean up any messes. ?
  5. Check out the library for free classes. These can be hidden gems many do not even know about. Many libraries are transforming into small tech training centers. Offering computer courses for all ages, language classes and even free movie nights!
  6. Go for a winter hike. If the weather is not too frigid, you can really see some beautiful sights when going for hikes in the winter months. One of our favorite places is Starved Rock States Park in Illinois. They have several frozen waterfalls and we love to explore! Also, Jan is a perfect time to spot Eagles and next making activities. Many state parks will over guided tours for these special opportunities so check them out on Illinois Starved Rock State Park.
  7. OPEN YOUR WINDOWS, to let the sun shine in of course ?. Its also not a bad idea to open some windows and get the fresh air flowing through the house briefly.
  8. Watch the weather closely. If there are decent days coming up, try and plan getting outside for a short walk with a friend. I check mine daily for the week, my kids are now in the habit as well. It helps to prepare for what we need to wear to be comfortable but also allows us to take advantage of those rare warmer days in the cold months.

My best tip is: Don’t just sit around and count the days waiting for Spring. Make these months some of your most memorable. Time flies when your having fun!

What are some ways you beat the winter blues?

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Christina Geiselhart works full time as a behavioral health provider at a health center that specializes in caring for underserved individuals and their families. She also has worked in a variety of settings including long-term care facilities, outpatient counseling, and medical clinics. She has a passion for working with individuals who are wanting to make positive changes in their life. Call (815) 526-0522 or email  to set up a session. Visit Christina Geiselhart’s Profile.

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