Sleep Hygiene

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Sleep Hygiene

What is Sleep Hygiene?

We all agree with physical hygiene. Sleep Hygiene is the idea that sleep itself needs its own cleaning. Ones bedtime routine should be thought of a celebration. Part of the ritual is that we put ourselves in the mood and look at what they are doing to get ready for bed. Each person must create his or her own ritual. Many people find it hard because they think of after such a long habit of poor sleep they expect the Sleep Hygiene to work right away and give up. As therapist we must help our clients understand that Sleep Hygiene is something you clean on a regular basis so that it becomes automatic.

Original Post February 2, 2020

Carlos Velazquez III is LCSW practicing in the State of Florida, practiced therapy for the over 12 years and worked in the social work field for over 30 years. He enjoys helping others reach their full potential in life, believing in positive and solution focus therapy with the goal of helping clients find compassion for themselves and to overcome what ever challenges they may be facing. His aim is to help clients realize that they do not need to change, only their current state or belief from “what’s wrong to what’s right.” Speaks bi-lingual in both English and Spanish. Call (407) 928-4692 or email  to set up a consultation. Visit Carlos Velazquez’s Profile.

February 28, 2020 / Mental Health

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