Why a Military Wife is stopping at nothing to serve and support Service Members and their families through providing exceptional counseling.

Why a Military Wife is stopping at nothing to serve and support Service Members and their families through providing exceptional counseling.

“The military teaches our service members how to go to war. But the military does not teach them how to come home. I’m here to change that.”

Have you ever walked away from a conversation thinking, something amazing is about to happen?

That’s how I felt after talking to Jamie.

A young woman who fell in love with a man in the military during undergrad.

The next 20-something years of Jamie’s life (ie career) took many shapes and forms as a military wife.

Working for the army special forces clinic as a substance abuse therapist her favorite part quickly became how her clients could talk about serious stuff and still laughed a lot

“You’ve got to,” Jamie said, “It’s heavy stuff.”

When her husband was suddenly deployed, four months after their baby girl was born, Jamie moved to FL (aka, closer to her parents) and started working full-time at the VET Center. Here she enjoyed the family-practice environment with couches in the waiting room and no fluorescent lighting as well as working alongside many veterans.

Fast forward to her husband’s retirement. Jamie got a fulltime job working for HUMANA MILITARY after months of sending in resumes and sitting through interviews (let’s be real, it got a little scary when the job hunt stretched on and on).

While she’s good at what she does, loves working from home and being able to serve military families (even if it is behind the scenes) something was missing:

Good ol’ one-on-one face-to-face counseling.

So, she started her own online practice to give service members and their families the care they deserve. “These are my people,” Jamie said, “I need to take care of them!”

Experience at the VET center had taught her that, “There’s nothing like working with people who really get it, not because they’re empathetic, but because they’ve really lived it”.

That’s who Jamie is: Someone who really gets it, because she’s lived it.

As a military spouse, with two young children and a substance abuse counselor for the military, Jamie is familiar with the strain frequent moves, long-term deployments, and being on the front lines puts on individuals and the family. She knows what it’s like to deal with tricare, shop at a commissary (the military grocery store), and the PX (the military Target).   

“The military does so much for us, the least we can do is provide exceptional care and transitional support,” said Jamie.

But she’s not stopping there!

While Jamie’s practice “Mission Ready Counseling” is currently an online solo practice the vision is to expand into an online group practice to provide military family members with a job that’s portable through deployments and relocations (no endless months of searching for jobs after relocations for her employees!).  

That’s why she chose iTherapy. Not only do they have some of the best customer support, but their online HIPAA compliant video services are set up to empower group practices.

Yep, I’m just as convinced that Jamie is about to make something amazing happen as I was when I got off the interview. I hope you’re convinced now, too!

If you are interested in participating in Jamie’s vision please contact her HERE.

If you are a service member or know of a service member who would like support at this time you can contact Jamie HERE.

If you’re just SUPER inspired and want to stay in the loop, follow Mission Ready Counseling on Facebook!

Here’s to:

Taking the scary out of getting help.

Creating a coming-home bootcamp for service members.

Talking about the tough stuff and still finding reasons to laugh.

And supporting service members and their families in the way they deserve!

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