Serious Psychological Distress

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Serious Psychological Distress

Are you one of the 8.3 million of Americans suffering from Serious Psychological Distress ?

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Medical Minute Update: Recently published scientific study (April, 2017) reports a significant increase over the last 9-years in Serious Psychological Distress (SPD). Researchers from NYU Lagone Medical center analyzed database (9 years of data) from Federal Health data retrieved from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention.

The data investigation conclude that 8.3 million of adult Americans suffer from Serious Psychological Distress. Serious Psychological Distress (SPD) definition combines feelings of depression, worthlessness, and restlessness.

Based on the data collected and reviewed published in the journal of Psychiatric Sciences, 8.3 million Americans have a significant level of SPD leading to lower quality of life, and a lowered life expectancy due to serious psychological distress taking a significant toll on the physical health of the body and correlated to an increase in other non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Note: the current suicide rate has also risen to 43,000 per year.

If you suffer or you know of someone who is suffering, please seek help. Do not give up hope. Help is available. It is never to late to seek therapeutic help from a qualified health practitioner.

August 23, 2017 / Caregiver Support, Mental Health

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