Psychologist Tools

Psychologist Tools

As a psychologist, you know you need some tools to do your best work. A phone number and email where people can reach you are essential for finding clients, but even better when they’re HIPAA compliant and you can discuss issues with your client over the phone. A tool built specifically for clinical notes can improve your sessions and make life easier for you. A HIPAA compliant video platform enables online sessions incredibly similar and just as efficacious as sessions in office with the convenience of eliminating a commute.

iTherapy offers all of these Psychological Tools, but we also offer more tools for psychologists.

@iTherapy_com has put together a collection of psychological worksheets that are FREE to use!

CLICK TO TWEET Tweet: @iTherapy_com has put together a collection of psychological worksheets that are FREE to use!

We have a collection of worksheets & self-evaluations we’ve put together over the last few months.

Core Thoughts Worksheet

If you’re dealing with anxiety, it can be useful to remember your core thoughts. How do they relate to the problem at hand?

Cognitive Behavorial Therapy Worksheet

After a troubling incident, it helps to evaluate what you felt – physically and emotionally. This can help you take away some lessons.

STOPP Worksheet

Stop. Take a breath. Observe. Pull back and put in some perspective. Practice what works.

Mindfulness Emotions Exercise

Follow along with this guided Mindful breathing exercise.

These worksheets & self-evaluations are one of the small ways we work to make your practice simple. We’re always thinking about what we can do to help therapists. We’re constantly talking with our providers to learn how we can help them more.

We’ve listened, and we’ve made it easier than ever to start or grow your private practice. Take a look:



All the tools you need are available to you for a monthly fee so low, you’ll likely cover it in your first 2 sessions each month.


“Nobody has anything close to what you’ve put together.” – Dr. Amber Lyda


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September 29, 2017 / iTherapy Blog

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    I am a Counseling psychologist in New Delhi and I would like to start my own private practice. Kindly help me with your suggestions and guide me.
    Thanks in advance.

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      We’re happy to help! We’ll send you an email.

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    Thanks for your comment about how a psychologist should be using notes and videos in their practice. I like how you said that self-evaluations should be included. My sister is considering working as a therapist, and she is looking into online tools that will help her. Thanks for the post!

    • :

      Your welcome. Good luck to your sister. We have all the tools she needs to get her counseling private practice started or to continue one. Please continue to visit the site for more of our posts and business plan generator. As always, you can contact us anytime if you have questions at 1-800-432-7996. We are always looking to add more to help our Providers.

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