? ?Nothing To Fear! Fall Is Here: The Impact of Seasonal Change ? ?

Written by an iTherapy Provider

? ?Nothing To Fear! Fall Is Here: The Impact of Seasonal Change ? ?

With fall comes many pleasurable events to look forward to. Stay present with positivity as you observe the beauty of change develop around you.

Allante’ Burnell is a Psychologist that uses tool-based treatments to help clients understand the symptoms they experience, and how to use the skills they learn in sessions, within their everyday lives. She also works with couples to assist with issues such as communication, connection-building, emotional dysregulation, and time-management. It is her mission to provide a non-judgmental space for anyone to feel comfortable and to be free within your environment. Call (734) 489-1615  or email allanterbl@gmail.com  to set up a consultation. Visit Allante’ Burnell’s Profile.

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