Missing Out On Clients

Missing Out On Clients

If you don’t have these two things on your website you might be missing out on new clients.

Something awesome just happened. Wanna know what it is?!

Lucy was given a referral to five therapists and one of them is you!

She’s so excited about taking this step toward letting go of her past that she stops at a Starbucks on the way home. While she waits for her pumpkin spice latte she whips out her iPhone and googles each of the therapist.

Guess what pops up?!

That’s right: websites.

In your journey to build an online business you may have heard once or twice that you don’t NEED a website. Okay, they’re kinda right. But if you’re going to be receiving referrals YOU NEED A WEBSITE.

And not just any website. You need a website that sets you apart as THE therapist who can help Lucy walk into the next level of herself.

When creating a compelling website it’s easy to throw around words like “clean visuals” and “clear messaging,” but at the end of the day, every image and word on your website needs to do two things:

  • Eliminate distraction
  • Guide to a specific action




Make sure your images match your words.
Images should match and amplify what you’re saying or add to the story. In other words, if you want to help women like Lucy overcome trauma don’t use a photo of yourself coaching a man. Use a photo where you’re compassionately listening to a young woman. Maybe you specifically work with women but can’t quite fit that into your tagline. So you add to the story by showing who you serve through the image you use.

Stick to a theme.
Whether words or images pick a theme and stick to it. If you want to use photos of yourself coaching others, use those on every page. If you want to show people living their best life in nature, do it.

But don’t use a cartoon character on the home page, a photo of yourself in a pretty building on your about page, and people on the top of a mountain on your “package description” page.

The same goes with the words you use. If you’re gonna use a playful voice on your home page don’t switch to a professional voice on your about page.

Remember, the images and words on your website are all about minimizing distraction and pointing your viewer to taking the action you want them to take.


Let your visuals inspire curiosity.
One of the most challenging things about creating a website that converts is that you only have a few seconds to captivate your audience’s attention. A simple question to ask yourself is, “What do I want my viewers to do when they see this page?”.

Let’s pretend you want them to actually READ your “about me” page. We suggest you use a photo of yourself doing something random; one that makes you feel inviting and relatable, but also begs the question, “What are they doing?”.

Our minds are wired for closure, meaning whether it’s a musical piece, puzzle, or story we want the ending. So, every visual you use should guide you viewer to take the action you want them to take, which ultimately completes the story they have found.

Let your words inspire action.
This is where I tell you to drop the poetic lines we assume taglines are made of. Get straight to the point.

When Lucy finally makes it to your website she only wants to know what’s in it for her.

Are you the right person to help her walk into this next season of her life?

So your website needs to simply and directly state who you serve and why you are perfect for them. You can say “I help trauma survivors walk in triumph.” Or you can suggest, like our featured professional Lyda: “It’s time to get unstuck.”

Simple and direct works because if you’re a survivor, you’re like, “That’s me and I want to walk in triumph, what’s next?” Lyda’s suggestion works because if you’re feeling stuck, you’re like, “Heck yes, when will our schedules fit.”

Want to SEE what we’re talking about?! Check out Amber Lyda’s website.

therapist dr. amber lyda

Here’s what you’ll see:

  1. The action Lyda wants you do take is “scheduling an appointment.”
  2. The photo shows she’s available to work with you on YOUR time.
  3. The pages are consistent with images of her working and give a sense of space.

We realize getting these words and visuals right isn’t easy. If you’re getting hung up by all the time and money this suggest we have two shortcuts for you.

  1. Therapists who work with iTherapy get a profile on our website. If anyone comes to our website looking for a Therapist you’ll show up. If you just need to get your web presence started now, we’re here for you. We’re even happy to help you set it up!
  2. iTherapy has partnered with Shire Digital Solutions to create websites for you complete with graphics and logos that eliminate distraction and guide your viewers to taking specific action to complete the story they have found.

Speaking of story…

When Lucy finally landed on your page she saw a photo of two women talking over cups of coffee and read the words:

You’ve lived from your past for long enough.
Get help clarifying what you want your life to look like
and start taking the steps to get there.

appointment website
Lucy thought, “Yes, I’m tired of my past guiding my life. I want to take the next step to a new life.” Before she finished her pumpkin spice latte she scheduled an appointment with you for next Monday.

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