The tools

We’ve done the research and bundled together all the best-in-class, HIPAA compliant tools to run your practice. You pick the bundle that works best for you.

Online Therapy Conferencing Platform

Imagine being able to talk to your clients just as you would in an office – to see their facial expressions and hear the changes in their voice without interruption – but to do all that from the comfort of your home. That is what’s possible with our HIPAA compliant online therapy web conferencing platform. It works and feels just like Skype or Facetime, but is HIPAA compliant and backed by a BAA.

Online Therapy Conferencing Platform /Online Therapy Web Conferencing Platform

Yes! Our online therapy conferencing platform offers dedicated support via web chat or phone.

Our online therapy web conferencing platform is provided by

You can certainly do group chats with up to 25 participants! This is great for couples counseling as now that two people can make appointments while they’re in different locations. (We do not support webinars.)

You can choose whether your clients will receive reminders via text message on their phone or via email.

Nope! The video chat works well on PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones.

If you can stream Netflix or YouTube, you’re likely good to go!

Therapist using laptop computer and taking notes at desk in office.

Electronic Health Records

Every session you have requires a lot of work. Of course there’s the clinical skills you use during the session, but you also need to keep progress notes, create and update treatment plans, schedule future appointments, and of course manage invoicing and insurance billing. Our EHR system allows you to easily manage all of this and more. In fact, we refer to it as Practice Management Software. It handles everything and makes it all so simple!

Any computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection and a modern browser can access the software. (We recommend a computer with a keyboard for typing out your notes.)

Yup! Informed Consent, Privacy Practices, and Intake Questionnaire templates are provided in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform.

Yes! We offer comprehensive data migration services of your legacy data as an additional service. Let us know you’re interested in that during your demo or via email when you’re subscribing to iTherapy.

Phone & fax

Having a separate phone number for your business can be a lifesafer. With our phone service, you can have an app on your smartphone that rings with your new business line. HIPAA compliant phone provides a great backup to video if your wi-fi ever has trouble. It also means you can speak freely with your clients while scheduling, etc. Fax is also incredibly useful while dealing with insurance companies.

Therapist using phone and taking notes at desk in office.

Absolutely! You can send text messages from within the phone app. Your clients will receive them as normal.

Yes! Your voicemails are transcribed to text so you can easily read and review them.

We use (though we’ve used other services in the past). They provide a great Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone experience. For your clients, they experience calls and messages as they would from any other phone. For you, you have your business phone contained within an app on your smartphone.

Therapist checking emails on desktop computer in office.


What do you do when a client wants to send you an email after a particularly bad day? What if in their scheduling request, they give you an update since your last session? In short, what do you do when your clients want to share with you HIPAA-protected information via email? With our HIPAA compliant email, you don’t have to worry! It works just like any other email, but it’s extra secure.

Yup! It works just like any other email with the one caveat that you can choose to make the email encrypted or not.

If you send a message unencrypted, it looks like a normal email. If the message is marked encrypted, the recipient will get an email saying they have a new message from you, then they’ll open the encrypted message in their web browser.

We use Hushmail. It’s very reliable, easy to use, and offers the extra level of security that encryption offers.

The support

From our live demos to our training to our follow up, our service is impeccable.

Live demo

Live demo

The first step of signing up with iTherapy is a live demo. Our live demonstrations walk you through everything our services can do and provide you with a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Because we want our service to you to get off to a great start, we work hard to offer demos at all hours to fit your schedule. Let us show you.

  • An opportunity to ask questions.
  • See everything first.
  • Absolutely free with no obligation.

Live, personalized training


We’re proud of the training we provide. We consistently receive emails with positive feedback on our training. Here are some reviews of iTherapy, with some highlighting our training. After you sign up, a member of our team walks you through exactly how to use your new tools. We work hard to make sure you feel comfortable, confident, knowledgeable, and prepared before you ever start your first session.

  • Live, personalized training.
  • Training videos also available.
  • Weekly "refresher training" Q&A webinars available.

Tech Support

Tech can be finicky. Sometimes there's hiccups or a new client might need some help. Fortunately, we have the best support in the industry. If you ever have a challenge, we're available. Just send us an email and we will work on the issue. If you or your client have trouble with the Video chat platform, Support is available 24 hours a day seven days a week.

  • The best support in the industry.
  • 24/7 live support with video for you and your client.
  • We're here to help.

We've got your back

Tips & tricks

We have helped hundreds of therapists start and grow their practice. Along the way, we've learned a lot about what works and what it takes to be successful with a full practice. We share everything we’ve learned with all of our providers. Once you subscribe to iTherapy, you’ll start receiving our tips & tricks to help you grow.

  • For the first few weeks, you’ll receive regular messages with our best tips of what you should be doing to help your practice grow.
  • We are constantly writing new blog posts full of helpful information.
  • At the start of each month, we send an email newsletter to keep you up to date on iTherapy’s latest news and highlight our latest blog posts.

Concierge service

Concierge Service

We've put together all the tools you need, but occasionally you might want another service. Perhaps you’d like help credentialing so that you can accept insurance or maybe some help marketing your practice. Whatever you might need, we're dedicated to helping you. If it's not something we do ourselves, we’ll help you find someone that can provide a great service for you. In many instances, we already have partnered with others to provide the services you’re looking for at a discount for our providers.

  • Credentialing
  • EHR Setup & prior patient data migration
  • Websites & Marketing
  • Virtual Assistant & Billing
  • And more!


Clinical Consult Peer Group

One of the few downsides to working online is that it can be isolating. There’s no trusted colleague down the hall to connect with or discuss a difficult case with. Fortunately, we've created an alternative with our Clinical Consult Peer Group. Since May 2019 we’ve offered this group, made up of other iTherapy providers and facilitated by an iTherapy provider with 20+ years of experience as an admin in university counseling centers. She does a fantastic job of holding a great space where licensed professionals can discuss the challenges they're having and peers can bring to bear their unique expertise and perspectives.

Normally there’s a small additional fee to attend these group meetings but we’ve decided to make it absolutely FREE to our providers.

The simplicity

We’ve created a one-stop-shop for everything you need for your practice so you can focus on the work you love – helping people.

Nobody makes your practice simpler than iTherapy.

We’ve done the research. We found the best in class, HIPAA compliant tools, then put them all together for you.

We bundle them together in packages that fit your practice and add our training and support. Nothing could be simpler than our team walking you through how to use your new tools.

Each of our bundles come with simple, flat rate, monthly pricing so you’ll always know what your costs are.

Combine that with our personal touch in working with you and our small business feel and it’s easy to see why iTherapy is your practice made simple.

The benefits

Unlike other online therapy companies, you’re not working for us — we work with you.

We enable you to easily start your own private practice (or add online therapy to your existing private practice). That means you’re your own boss.

You set your own schedule.
You set your own rates. (Or which insurance to get paneled with – which we can help you with!)
And you get to choose who your clients are.

You never have someone telling you how to run your practice. These decisions are entirely up to you.

Working online, you also have the freedom to work wherever you’d like.
That can mean working from home and leaving the commute behind. Or it can mean working from your brick and mortar office. In many instances, it can also mean you can work while you (or your client) are traveling.

You get to experience the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss and working from home.

And we do so much more to make it simple and easy.

The investment

The investment

How much do you earn (or expect to earn) per session?

If you’re Starting Your Practice and doing it all online, your ENTIRE practice overhead* is accounted for with just

2 Sessions.

If you’re Adding Online to Your Practice, your new costs are covered with

1 Session.

Each of these comes with everything we discussed — the tools you choose; our unparalleled service and support; the extras; the benefits; the simplicity — and all of this is available for an investment that’s less than what you’ll make in 2 sessions each month.

Basic Office

Less than
2 sessions
($169 / Month)
  • HIPAA compliant Video, Voice, and text chat backed by a BAA
  • Individual & Group sessions as well as screen sharing
  • Online Clinical Notes
  • Integrated billing with credit card processing and electronic claims submissions *

Pro Office

Less than
2 sessions
($199 / Month)
  • HIPAA compliant Video, Voice, and text chat backed by a BAA
  • Individual & Group sessions as well as screen sharing
  • Online Clinical Notes
  • Integrated billing with credit card processing and electronic claims submissions *
  • HIPAA compliant and encrypted email that’s as easy to use as any other email
  • Compliant Business phone and fax easily accessible on your smartphone
Best Value

Online Plus

Less than
1 session
($99 / Month)
  • HIPAA compliant Video chat that works just like facetime or Skype
  • Compliant Voice chat if you or your client prefer not to use video
  • Real-time compliant text chat
  • Individual & Group sessions as well as screen sharing

Are you ready to see just how easy this can be?

* This practice overhead calculation is meant to include the tools you’ll need to run your practice such as phone, fax, email, HIPAA compliant progress notes, HIPAA compliant video chat conferencing, and payment processing. By working online, you forgo traditional office expenses of office rent, furniture, utilities, and general liability insurance. Our calculation does neglect a few other expenses, such as liability insurance and local business taxes, that your practice is likely to need. Our calculation does not include liability insurance, local business taxes, and other incidental expenses of doing business.

Before you go:

Get our Starting Your Practice Checklist, delivered straight to your inbox!

Before you go:

Get our Starting Your Practice Checklist, delivered straight to your inbox!