Interview with Institute of TeleMental Health

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Interview with Institute of TeleMental Health

Michelle Inauen shares how she got started in distance counseling, the services she offers to individuals, couples and families. Michelle also provides some advice to other clinicians looking to get started in providing virtual counseling.

Original Vlog/Blog November 18, 2019 on Real Counseling: Interview of Michelle Inauen by Raymond Barrett of Telemental Health Training. Check out my Texas Online Counseling website for more information.

Michelle Inauen provides tele-mental health services to residents of Texas. She came to realize individuals just want to be heard and had trouble expressing their emotions. This lead her on the path to becoming a therapist. Her main approach is Attachment Theories because it helps identify how you relate to the world. She also uses a combination of Gestalt and Solution Focused theories and Cognitive Behavioral Theory. For more information call (888) 317-7021 or email Visit Michelle Inauen’s Profile

November 19, 2019 / Mental Health

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