How to run an online private practice without opening a million tabs on your computer.

How to run an online private practice without opening a million tabs on your computer.

How many tabs do you normally have open on your computer when you’re working on your practice?

I just counted as I’m writing this and I have 12 tabs open.

But it’s legit, right?


There’s the…  

…HIPAA compliant video tab

…Electronic Health Records tab

…payment processing tab

…secure email tab

…preferred scheduling tab

Okay, I’ll stop there. You get the idea!

But what if you could have ALL those tabs (necessary to run your online private practice) in ONE place? Better yet, on ONE website customized to your needs?

Pretty great, right?!

Turns out, there is such a thing.

Rebecca Kushins described it as her “entire online office”:

“It feels like it is all here. 

My entire office, online, in one place.” 

You can get access to it here or read the rest of the post to get a more detailed run-down of everything it includes…


It’s your one-page office desk and filing cabinets.

Here you’ll find easy access to all your secure video sessions, client notes and records, as well as your secure phone and email services.

You don’t have to type in a million urls so that you can actually provide service to your clients. All you have to do is type in ONE url, sign in, and BOOM you have access everything you need to provide HIPAA compliant support.


Consider this the bookshelves you might have in your office. 

The place you could find books on how to be a better practitioner and business owner. As well as worksheets for your clients to fill out between sessions to help them stay on track and provide you with valuable feedback for their next session. Don’t forget the stack of legal consent forms.

We have a link for all this in myPractice as well.

Under Resources you can find a list of blog posts written by our team on how to build a thriving practice.

If you scroll further you’ll find worksheets and self-tests also created by our tech-savvy and therapist-friendly team to make your practice simpler. You can use them in your marketing to attract new clients, but also send them in link through your secure email platform so your clients have a way to track their progress and stay accountable to any at-home work you might give them.

A bit further you’ll find training videos on each of the online platforms you use to run your online private practice taught by Heather Summy. This allows you to learn the platforms at your pace or un-stump yourself if you have a question outside of business hours.

Finally, there’s our most used consent documents so that you don’t have to be constantly reinventing the wheel and tracking down a lawyer to make sure you included and worded everything correctly!


Welcome to your “virtual colleagues down the hall”.

While you can’t congregate around the infamous water cooler between sessions, you can join our Peer Consultation Group (we are starting a new one soon! Check back again or contact where practitioners are finding empathetic support and genuine answers to their afraid-to-ask questions.

If you need a boost of inspiration on how to guide your clients or an idea for what to write for the blog you REALLY want to get featured in, there is a list of blog posts written by iTherapy practitioners (we’d love to feature one of your posts there as well).

Got a pressing question? You can hop into our private Facebook group here too and ask your question.


You know how you might ask one of your colleagues what yoga studio they might recommend for someone who wants to decrease stress in their life?!

When you run your own online practice you ask things like…


…who should I hire to be my virtual assistant?

…who can help me create systems for my practice and find more clients?

…who is the best person to build me a website?


And you’ll find the answers to all those questions in one place, too. Not only that, but all these partners have discounted rates for iTherapy providers and understand the ins-and-outs of running a compliant practice.

So, how does trading twelve tabs for one tab sound to you now?!

If you’re ready to have your own online office in one place on the world wide web, snag yourself a demo here. Be sure to check out all of our glowing reviews on our Reviews page, too!

P.S. There’s no better time than now!

November 20, 2019 / iTherapy Blog

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