How to make your private practice paperless.

How to make your private practice paperless.

Imagine a world where you don’t have to…

…email a document, that your client then prints, fills out, signs, scans and finally emails back to you (which you then have to print and file).

…decipher illegible handwriting and decode someone’s answer to your intake questionnaire (hoping and praying you didn’t translate wrong).

…print and file a million pieces of paper alphabetically and then spend time sorting through them when you need important information.

Sounds like a “Yes please, can I have that…like…yesterday?” world, don’t you think?

This paperless private practice is made possible by three features on our Secure Email Platform that all our providers have access, too.

(Wait! You’re sold already? Sweet! Click this link to schedule a free demo and get yourself set up with all the things you need to have a paperless private practice).


Who hates getting to a Dr office and spending twenty minutes filling out all those forms?

Me, I do (hate it, that is)!

But my new dentist sent me all the paperwork via email when I scheduled the appointment so that when I could fill everything out and send it back to them before I arrived.

It was the next best thing to magic. And even though that dentist is in VA and I now live in FL, I haven’t switched. Ridiculous, I know. But I make the trek (also, my family lives there, so I have a reason to be in VA besides the dentist).

Point being, the dentist office made it so easy to be a client, I keep being a client. I WANT to be their client.

You can give that same experience to your clients, by having customized forms that you can send your clients BEFORE their session with you.

Whether you need a:

  • Referral Form
  • Client Intake Form
  • Experience Survey
  • Symptom Questionnaire
  • Release of Information Form

You can create one specific to the needs of your practice. Get all the information you need and none that you don’t while creating an incredibly user-friendly experience for your clients!


Now, some of those forms you send need a signature, am I right?

  • The Release of Information forms you need so that you can get information from other counselors or doctors.
  • The forms that allow you to discuss personal matters with your clients such as questionnaires.

Our secure email platform allows our providers to not only create customized forms but take e-signatures so no one has to email, the print, sign, scan, email back, then print, and finally file.


The two previously mentioned features wouldn’t be of much service if you didn’t have a HIPAA compliant method to communicate with your clients.

And that’s where our Secure Email Platform really comes through for our Providers. 

They’ve created an easy-to-use way to email your clients, schedule sessions, discuss things related to their session, as well as deliver and receive completed forms.

And just like that, we showed you how the world that you imagined at the beginning of this post can be yours.

Becoming a paperless private practice helps you not only eliminate illegible handwriting, excruciating back-and-forth printing-signing-scanning, and filing a ton of papers, but it can also help you increase client contracts and retention.

Find out how you can get this magic working on the behalf of your private practice by scheduling a free demo with us.


February 19, 2020 / iTherapy Blog

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