How Successful Practices Keep Working During Quarantine

How Successful Practices Keep Working During Quarantine

With the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down businesses and changing the way we live, your practice may have seen a decline in business.

Quarantine and lockdown don’t necessarily mean that your practice has to suffer. You just have to adapt to the changes happening around you.

We reached out to successful practice owners who were seeing their case load stay steady or even increase during this pandemic and picked out these top tips as to how they did it.

Reach Out To Existing and Former Clients

Reach out to existing and former clients with supportive help

One of the best things you can do right now is to stay in touch with your existing AND former clients. Everyone is struggling right now. Everyone is feeling some kind of effect from this pandemic and it’s resulting stay at home orders. Everyone is dealing with massive changes to their daily lives.

If there’s anything at all that you have seen that might be helpful to your existing and former client, share it! Maybe it’s a checklist, or a meme, or maybe you have created your own checklist – any helpful tips about maintaining well being during the coronavirus lockdown or healthy activities they can do to fight of feelings of anxiety and depression will be welcome. Whatever it is, staying in touch with the people you already have or had a working relationship with while they are going through this will be performing an act of service AND keeping you at front of mind if they decide they do need more help. As for the content of your emails, you can reach out to clients with

Reaching out to these people doesn’t have to be hard.

Now is a great time to sign up for and build a mailing list of new and existing clients. It’s free, it’s easy to use, and it will allow you to send emails to an entire list all at once.

For existing or former clients, however, you can send them an email directly, asking whether you can add them to your mailing list. (This kind of communication can be especially effective with former in-person clients who had been hesitant to switch to online when the stay at home orders started.) We also recommend adding a sign-up button on your website for new/potential clients. This is important because, with that, you will soon be able to say it is not exclusively a list of current and former clients, which is an important HIPAA distinction.

Email is a great form of communication. Most people check their emails every day. Don’t overdo emails by sending them very frequently and irritating your clients – once a week should be enough.

Let People Know You’re Still In Business

Let Referral Sources and Colleagues know you're still working (remotely)

Reach out to referral sources and your colleagues to let them know you’re still available for online counseling.

During crucial times such as these where most businesses are shutting down or going out of business, people may be quick to assume that you’re in the same boat. It’s a great idea to reach out to anyone who has referred to you before – doctor’s offices, health clinics, colleagues, etc. – and tell them that you’re still working remotely.

You can even ask your referral sources to sign up for the mailing lists you’re setting up to stay up-to-date with the latest information that you have to offer.

Lean in to your most effective marketing strategies

Lean into your most effective marketing strategies

Think about the marketing that has been effective for your practice before. How can you do more of it?

If your most effective marketing has been blogging or posting on social media, great! That’s easy – do more of that. Create some content that’s helpful for people in these times and share it.

If you already have a social media  following or want to build one consider going live on social media (mainly Facebook and Instagram). Talk about issues relating to mental health and well-being. You can also use your new mailing list to inform your audience about your social media accounts.

If your most effective marketing was networking, obviously that’s hard. If you were a part of an in-person networking group, consider asking group members if they’d like to meet via Zoom call. You might also try to do some networking online via LinkedIn – that’s still an effective way to build professional connections.

Whatever has worked for you in the past, find a way to do more of it!

Take your practice online

Take your practice online!

If you haven’t already started offering online therapy, now is a great time. iTherapy has the tools to make it easy and effective. Here are the tools that you can start to take your practice and therapy sessions online, wowing your clients with unwavering service levels.

Don’t feel guilty. The world needs you!

Many small business owners are struggling with feelings of guilt or shame. Why should their business continue to thrive when so many others are shuttered? How can they continue to sell and promote in the midst of all this hardship?

The truth is, the world needs you! Your services are always vitally important, even more so now with the whole world going through a traumatic experience. Additionally, marketing a private practice is almost always about being of service. These tips suggest offering helpful tips – that’s helpful by nature. You ought to include a message of “If you need additional help, I’m still accepting clients.”

iTherapy Keep Working During Quarantine Tips

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