How adding a “call to action” can increase your Facebook engagement and get you seen by more ideal clients.

How adding a “call to action” can increase your Facebook engagement and get you seen by more ideal clients.


If I could give you ONE tip that would help you increase engagement on Facebook, get your audience in the habit of clicking your links, AND open the door for you to invite ideal clients to work with you, would you stop everything you’re doing and give me a three minutes of your time?!

Okay, good.  Because that’s exactly what I’m going to give you. 

Have you closed your Facebook app, yet?  Because, here it is…

Add a call to action to all your posts.

As a counselor, life coach, or therapist you’re an influencer.  Especially if you choose to show up on social media.  You’re sharing a tip or trick to help your ideal client live from a place of freedom and confidence.

But all too often those posts disappear into cyberspace, don’t they?

Probably all because your audience didn’t know what to do with your post.

Should they like it? 

Leave a comment? 

Hold up, comment what? 




So next time you share that carefully crafted post of yours ask yourself, “What action do I want my audience to take?  Do I want them to “like” this photo, leave a comment, tell me how they’re gonna change, leave an emoji, grab my free ebook, ask me a question in my DMs?”.

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Here’s five call to actions you’re welcome to steal:

  • If you agree, give me a “thumbs up.”
  • Tag a bestie.
  • If you loved this, let me see you in the comments!
  • Wanting more on this thought?!  I created a whole ebook on this that you can get for FREE at the link in the comments…
  • If you’re with me on this leave “I choose joy” in the comments.

Okay, now you’re probably thinking, “Adding a call to action on each of my posts will make me feel WAY too sales-y.  I’ll just add a call to action on one or two posts a week.”.

I have three thoughts for you:

  1. Social Media is super fast paced.  Facebook posts have been known to reach between 16% and 2% of your audience, so it’s safe to say you won’t be spamming your audience with “call to action”s.
  2. You’re posting to help people make changes.  Great ideas don’t create change.  Acting on great ideas creates change. If your audience does not interact with your content they are less likely to experience change from your great idea. 
  3. Humans are creatures of habit.  At the end of the day, we buy from people we trust.  Every call to action is an opportunity to build not only engagement but also trust with your audience.  Before long they will be used to you asking them to take action on your posts, so when you have a offer you want them to click on, they’re much more likely to click.

I know I said the ONLY thing you needed to do was add a call to action to each of your posts, but I’m gonna add one thing: respond to all the comments.


See, Facebook algorithms prioritize posts with comments because it means users are spending more time on that post, so other people will want to see it.  Every comment you respond to, is another comment facebook sees.  Every comment you respond to, is another potential client that you make feel seen and heard.  Every comment you respond to, is one step closer to inviting someone to work with you and experience more freedom and confidence in their life.

In the end, adding a “call to action” increases engagement, increases your “click” rate, and increases your opportunity to offer your services, but my favorite part of a call to action is the possibility it has to help someone create change in their life. 

Okay, you can go back to your Facebook app now, especially if you make a post with a call to action, and tag us in the comments!

What’s your favorite call to action?  Let us know in the comments!

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