Growing Your Private Practice

Growing Your Private Practice

One of the questions we get more than any other is, “How do I grow my practice?” or “How do I get clients for my practice?”

The answer is, you work on marketing. Yes, that means work. But no, that doesn’t mean it has to be awful.

Look, we get it. You went through a lot of training to become a therapist, but marketing wasn’t part of it. When you think about marketing, it can feel greasy and slimy. Maybe you think of a used car salesman pushing a lemon on an unsuspecting customer.

That’s not what marketing has to be. Here’s some ways to reframe it from Allison Puryear of Abundance Practice Building If Your Market It, They Will Come:

Marketing is letting people know who you are and what you do
Marketing is about building relationships
Effective marketing involves your true self, not some persona
Marketing is giving people the opportunity to see if you’re what they’re looking for
If your ideal client can’t find you, you both lose out

I love these reframes. They show you that marketing and sales is about helping people. You have a great service with your therapy! People deserve to know about it and connect with you!
Allison goes on in one of her podcasts How to Get Consistent Client Referrals to say:

“Here’s the thing, marketing by doing the things you hate isn’t really going to grow your business. You’re not going to be consistent, you’re going to hate every minute of it, you’re going to resent your practice – let’s just not do that. There are plenty of marketing options to where you’re not stuck with something.”
Allison Puryear

I couldn’t agree with her more.

So what do you do to market your practice? Here’s a couple of ideas:

Get a Great Website.

I have to agree with Allison from her podcast on this one – a great website is a must. Why? Because a well designed website helps convince someone to work with you.

“Studies show you really only have 1-2 seconds to capture the attention of your potential client. Within that time you have to quickly show them why they’re in the right place for their specific issue. This means driving right to their pain point and showing them that you understand what they are feeling and that you can help them solve their problem.”
Lisa Wozniak of Woz Marketing


You have classmates you went to school with, right? Colleagues you’ve worked with? Friends? Family? Tell them all you’re in practice! Make sure they know. Ask them to share your website or social media accounts. Network in person too and don’t be afraid to meet people you don’t know!
Networking can have a bad reputation too. People may think of it as disingenuous. So how do you combat that? Simple! Don’t be disingenuous. Come into networking with a mindset of helping people. Get to know people and find out how you can help. Here’s what Dr Amber Lyda had to say on the topic in a recent podcast, Marketing Your Online Practice

“You don’t have to think about it as networking, schmoozy, and salesy. If you love making friends, think about it as making friends. If you love helping people, think about how you can make it into an opportunity to help people. I always mention that I refer out 60% of the people who call me. I really need to make good connections with other providers to know which providers to refer each client to.”
Dr. Amber Lyda

Take advantage of help!

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