Gratitude, a powerful tool for happiness

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Gratitude, a powerful tool for happiness

I have been interested in Gratitude research since I first read about the Three Good Things study conducted at U Penn (more on this later). I recently came across this video which delightfully introduces the concept of Gratitude as a function of Wellbeing. GRATITUDE AND YOUR MENTAL HEALTH by Dr. Amber Lynda.

Take a look and let me know what you think!

Original Blog September 18, 2019 on Counseling For Resilience: Gratitude, a powerful tool for happiness. Check out more of my Blogs on my website.

Lina Lewis-Arévalo MA, LPC, LCADC, NCC and is a Board-Certified, Licensed Professional Counselor. She encourages her clients to think of therapy as part of a journey of Wellbeing, which includes attention to sleep, nutrition, self-expression, connectedness, and bodywork. She is passionate about putting people at ease and helping them to reclaim their Best Selves. Whether your issues stem from early life trauma, ineffective communication skills, poor coping, low self-esteem, etc., she can help you recover that essential you and find joy in your life again. Call (609) 414-7978 or email to set up a session. Visit Lina Lewis-Arévalo’s Profile.

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