Getting Licensed and Accepting Insurance

Getting Licensed and Accepting Insurance

Yesterday we announced our new features and partner services – what we call Jumpstart Your Practice.

The response has been incredible. Since we’ve launched our Counseling Business Plan Generator, we’ve had dozens of people try it. The response to our limited time offer has been fantastic!

Our passion is helping people who help people – while we’ve helped countless therapists start their practices, it’s now easier than ever.

If you haven’t already watched it, check out our new video on yesterday’s announcement page – it is a great intro to all the services we’re making available.

Today I thought I’d talk a little more about two of those services – licensing & credentialing.

Licensing may seem obvious & straight forward, but there’s a lot to it. If it’s your first time, the process can be daunting. There’s so much paperwork – it’s a headache. But even If you already have your license, you may be missing out on some opportunities. Generally speaking, if you’re licensed in a state, you can serve clients from that state regardless of where you are. If you’re providing services online, you can service multiple states. (In fact, soon you may be able to serve multiple states with ona license. (PSYPACT Factsheet)

Credentialing is at least as confusing. Being able to accept health insurance can make you more accessible to more clients, but the process is full of lengthy, beurocratic paperwork. What’s more, it’s different for every insurance company you want to accept!

In both these instances, we have a solution. We’ve partnered with Bridge Way and Dream Consulting to make these services accessible to you. When you subscribe to iTherapy, you’ll receive a free consultation from each of these companies, and an exclusive discount on their services.

There’s never been a better time to start or your grow your private practice with iTherapy. If you subscribe before Sunday night, you’re locking in 50% off for your first two months AND you’ll be able to join exclusive Q&A session with both the iTherapy team AND some of our jumpstart partners. Subscribe today and tell your friends and colleagues too!
(Special Offer Ended 10/8/2017)

October 5, 2017 / iTherapy Blog

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