Get MORE clients and stop wasting time on social media with these proven facebook marketing strategies!

Get MORE clients and stop wasting time on social media with these proven facebook marketing strategies!

How would you like to help people who are already looking for your services?

How nice would it be to have a FREE marketing campaign that brought in paying clients to YOUR practice?

How great would it feel to be in a room full of people who appreciate the knowledge you have to share with them?

Because you CAN have it.

It’s at your fingertips – literally. 

I’m talking about FACEBOOK!

Today we’re going to teach you how to leverage facebook for marketing your online therapy practice in a way that improves your credibility and increases the client sessions on your schedule!

  • No more staring at the ceiling wondering where you’re gonna find people who are looking for what you do.
  • No more hiring a marketing team to tell the world about what you do with money you don’t have.
  • No more talking about what you do with a room full of disinterested people.

Sound good?

Let’s get started!


Be specific. 

Write it out. 

This doesn’t have to be who you only EVER serve.

It’s a guide for the type of content and invitations to work with you that you will share on social media.

It’s a guide to help you choose the right facebook groups to spend time in.

And a guide to help you create relevant content for your audience to read that will intrigue, inspire, and instruct them.

The sketch should include the following information or you can just swipe the example and fill it out for yourself.

EXAMPLE: Client Sketch

  • Struggling with/need counseling for:
  • General age bracket:
  • Typical income/job:
  • What do they do for fun:
  • What would an average day in their life look like:


This one might sound silly, but it has been instrumental in the increasing of sales for MANY industries.

People don’t buy things they buy feelings.

Make your audience feel special and good about what they’re purchasing by giving your counseling package a title and description.

EXAMPLE: Spicy Package

Learning to Walk in the Dark Package

6 one-hours sessions unpacking depression and creating practical strategies for engaging in life.

SHARE EPIC CONTENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA DAILY (include one pitch post a week)

First keyword here: EPIC.

We’re not talking about memes or your favorite infographic by Brene Brown. We’re talking written content that instructs, encourages, inspires, or engages!

Second keyword: DAILY.

Facebook has super tight analytics right now which means very few people in your audience ever see your posts. 

If you want a shot at being noticed, you’ve gotta show up daily!

Pssst, there’s two customizable facebook posts here!

EXAMPLE: Weekly content outline

  • Monday – Value Post. This is where you teach and offer value.
  • Tuesday – Share an inspiring quote. Add a bit about why you love it or ask your audience to share their favorite quote with you in the comments!
  • Wednesday – Pitch. This is a forward invitation to work with you and how to schedule an introductory session.
  • Thursday – Story. Hypothetical client story and a story of your own journey with specific steps to achieving a breakthrough!
  • Friday – Personal post. Talk about something you learned recently or are looking forward to doing!


This is where you get to have your grateful-for-your-knowledge audience…

Remember that client sketch we started this post with? It comes in REALLY handy right now.

Search facebook groups on the topic your client is struggling with or things they would be interested in learning.

Hang out in those groups for a few days and then post once a day. 

You can use all the same posts you created for your personal or business page, just don’t post the same post in every group on the same day because it looks spammy (speaking from experience, unfortunately).

Switch your pitch posts for questions to generate conversations (most groups don’t allow you to sell).

EXAMPLE: Conversation-generating question for facebook groups

What’s your favorite book on [INSERT APPLICABLE TOPIC]?


We’re not talking 15-20min in EACH group a day, just cumulative.

Also, we HIGHLY recommend setting a timer!

So what exactly does “hang out” mean?

I’m glad you asked. Spend your precious 15-20min…

…answering questions

…liking posts

…and giving positive feedback.

This will boost your visibility and credibility because individuals in the group will see you as someone knowledgeable, willing, and able to help which increases the probability of them reaching out when they WANT help!


There’s a free marketing platform waiting for you to show up with the goodness and value you bring to the world.

These are five proven steps to get your noticed and booked!

Is there a facebook group for therapists that you LOVE hanging out in? Let us know about it in the comments – we’re always looking for more friends too!

P.S. If you’re looking for ways to simplify your practice that’s what we do best! 

Specifically, by providing you with all the HIPAA compliant services you need to run an effective online therapy practice in one easy monthly payment which includes, what has been called, life-saver customer support.

Schedule a call here to learn more!

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