Fill your schedule and bank account with these 5 things

Fill your schedule and bank account with these 5 things

When the ball drops on New Years Eve my heart always does one of two things: bursts through the treetops (figurative, or course) with excitement for a new beginning or plummets to new depths.

When my heart drops it’s because last year didn’t go so well and I can’t imagine having to come up with ways to reverse that in the coming year. Like, I tried last year, how am I gonna try better this year.

Ya feel me?

Whether your heart burst through the treetops with excitement about new beginnings or you don’t know where to begin to do better this year, we’ve got 5 areas you should be investing time and energy into this year if you want to see your practice grow.



What is it that you’re not good at? What makes your head spin when it comes to running your practice?

Hire someone to do that.

“But that’s expensive. I’m not even earning what I need too!” you’re probably saying.

I hear you. But what if you took the five hours it takes you to do all your admin stuff and meet spent those two hours on growing your network (or something you like to do) – something that improves your bottom line?

More often than not, when you outsource, you’re able to pay someone between $10-$15/hr to do a task that would take you two or three times as long as them. Pay the fifteen bucks.


If you’re running an online private practice this one might sound CRAZY, but our Peer Group Leader, Carol O’Saben, said meeting face-to-face with local therapists was the key ingredient to fully booking her practice in less than 12 months.

You can read about it HERE.


You do a lot of things to run your practice. The last thing you need is another thing to do, like opening yet another tab on your computer so that you can log client notes.

Let’s not forget the three other tabs you have open for scheduling, your HIPAA secure video service, and another tab so that you can email them and stay compliant!

There’s a way to run your online private practice without opening a million tabs.

It’s called being an iTherapy provider.

Our clients LOVE it. They actually said it was like, “It’s all here. My entire online office in one place!”.

How great would that be? Get yourself a demo HERE.


Potential clients decide whether or not they will hire you off of two things:

  1. Referrals
  2. Virtual Impression (whether that’s a website or Psychology today profile)

If there’s only one thing you take away from this blog post, let it be to read THIS POST, apply all the tips, and build yourself a grand-slam virtual impression.


Look, the work you’re doing is hard, whether or not you’re in a physical practice with co-workers or working from home.

If you’re here for the long run you need people who understand the struggle and desire you carry for what you do. You need people who can encourage you and share advice.

So, go find a peer-to-peer group where you will be heard and encouraged.

If you don’t know where to start, this blog post has some really great points!

The New Year is an exciting time to start over or just set new goals and aim for new records.

But if there’s one important thing in all the new beginnings and goal setting, the most important part is shooting for things that matter to you and your bottom line.

If you feel burnt out, outsource and find your people.

If you’re ready to take your private practice to the next level, simplify and network.

So what are you gonna do? Drop your goals in the comments!


January 8, 2020 / Caregiver Support, iTherapy Blog

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