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Thanks for joining me! Who is Darcie Kelly? Well, I am a woman, a mother, and a Social Worker. For some of us, mostly in the helping fields, a big part of our identity is our occupation. When it comes to helping others, it’s a need you have, a passion. I ... Read More


On National Mental Health Day…Don’t forget the Mental Health Professionals. Whether you are a mental health professional, or you know and love one, please remember – SELF CARE! Compassion fatigue can be a serious occupational hazard for those in any kind of helping profession. Compassion fatigue is characterized by physical and ... Read More


Did you know that in America: 14 million people die of cancer every year 25 million people have asthma 29.1 million people develop diabetes 53 million people have arthriti... Read More


  If I could give you ONE tip that would help you increase engagement on Facebook, get your audience in the habit of clicking your links, AND open the door for you to invite ideal clients to work with you, ... Read More


In this video, clinical psychologist Dr. Martine Jones shows you how to do diaphragmatic or "belly breathing" to calm your anxiety and panic symptoms. For more helpful videos and information on Dr. Martine's online counseling services, you can find her at Original Post September 8, 2018 - Diaphragmatic Breathing ... Read More


“How can I be feeling sad?! I just had a beautiful, healthy baby?” Having a baby is a life changing event. Many women do not consider feeling anything but sheer joy when they bring their baby home. The truth is, women and men can be overwhelmed with anxiety ... Read More

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