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Our blog is written by practicing professionals who offer online counseling services. Their advice, tips, and experiences are shared to inspire and educate peers, clients, and those seeking to learn more.


Here’s three guesses as to why you decided to become an online therapist. Tell me if I’m right… Reaching people who otherwise wouldn’t receive treatment. Making a living that gives you time and financial freedom by helping people experience mental and relational freedom. ... Read More


How do I charge what I’m worth? How do I set competitive rates for my services? How can I make my rates affordable, but also make enough money to live? The questions are real!!! But good news… There’s real answers. Here’s a ... Read More


“If only I had been given a therapist resource list like this when I was starting my online therapy practice,” I thought to myself as I picked up a warm-from-the-printer piece of paper. A friend of mine had asked me to meet with her and discuss the ... Read More


How would you like to help people who are already looking for your services? How nice would it be to have a FREE marketing campaign that brought in paying clients to YOUR practice? How great would it feel to be in a room full of people ... Read More


p{font-size:1.1em} [UPDATE 9:56 AM EST, Tuesday 7/16]: Zoom has pushed out an update for Mac AND every other platform (e.g., Windows computers, Android and Apple tablets and smart phones). Users are being prompted to install this update after leaving a session (or if on a mobile device, the updates are installed ... Read More


Seven questions successful online therapists consider before launching their private practices Launching an online private practice is no small thing, but you are capable and there are people in this world who need the help you offer! The following are 7 questions successful online therapists consider before launching ... Read More


This was NOT the plan was it?! Getting the end of an exhausting but fulfilling day of counseling sessions only to be greeted by...   emails begging for an answer unfulfilled insurance ... Read More


You worked hard to earn your license. It felt good to receive it from the state licensing board and if you’re working in an office, that’s all you need. But if you’re providing services online, haven’t you wished you could work across state lines? State licensing boards, and other legal ... Read More


You deserve to be paid. At least, that’s what we believe. But as a therapist running an online practice, we realize getting paid isn’t as simple as receiving a paycheck. It’s as complicated as making an apple pie…... Read More


“The military teaches our service members how to go to war. But the military does not teach them how to come home. I’m here to change that.” Have you ever walked away from a conversation thinking, something amazing is about to happen? That’s how ... Read More