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Our blog is written by practicing professionals who offer online counseling services. Their advice, tips, and experiences are shared to inspire and educate peers, clients, and those seeking to learn more.


Recently our CEO Nick Fuller was featured on the Mastering Counseling Podcast. He had a wide ranging conversation with host, Becky Coplen. Here’s the episode description: In this engaging episode of Mastering Counseling, we welcome a tech-savvy entrepreneur, Mr. Nick Fuller. He is a master in his field who serves ... Read More


SUBJ: IMPORTANT! Possible Price Increase Providers,  As much as possible, we try not to raise prices for you. We know that the simple, fixed price is one of the things you like about iTherapy! However, sometimes our costs rise so significantly, we have to make ... Read More


Do you have a client traveling and still in need of their appointment? Are you wanting to broaden your clientele base by expanding across borders?  Are you from outside the US and wondering how to offer your services here?   All this is possible and here is how ... Read More


What are CPT codes?  We’re sure you’re already familiar with CPT codes, but incase you need a reminder, here’s the APA on CPT codes.    There’s a fee for using these?  Turns out, there is! The AMA has the authority to charge licensing fees ... Read More


Did you know there are a TON of podcasts out there chock-full of helpful marketing tips and advice on how to build your counseling private practice? It’s true!  The truth is, starting a private practice -- like any business -- takes work! It’s the sort of work ... Read More


Do you feel alone as a telehealth provider? Are you facing challenges that you don’t have answers to? Have you wished for someone who could listen to you and understand your world? This is exactly why peer consult ... Read More


As a therapist, you probably serve more than one client, not to mention specializations and certifications you’ve collected over time. You’re an impressive one, but it’s a lot to say in one conversation or over ... Read More


Have you been looking for an online counseling job? One where you could work from home and make money for helping people. You’re looking at working for BetterHelp, TalkSpace, or a smaller practice that has remote therapists, aren’t you? But ... Read More


Have you ever felt frazzled five minutes before a teletherapy session? Like, you don’t know where you’re gonna set up your computer. Once you finally find a place you can’t find your charging cord. By the time the session is supposed ... Read More


Having an online therapy practice is one of the lowest barriers of entry for operating independently. You’ll be thrilled to find that you can be all in your first month right around $1000. Why? Because you’re footing the bill for ... Read More

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Before you go:

Get our Starting Your Practice Checklist, delivered straight to your inbox!