Prescription Consultation

People have many questions regarding their prescriptions.  Am I taking too many?   Am I taking the right medicine?  What are the side effects and am I experiencing them?  Are they safe?  Many times we worry, but don’t ask.

When you are being treated for more than one medical condition with more than one medication that has more than one pharmaceutical name; things tend to get confusing. iTherapy can help you in and your loved one with understanding there medicine regimen through a thorough medication review with one of our nurse practitioners. By offering advice or a second opinion, you can feel better about your prescriptions and your path to wellness.

How many medicines are “too many?”

It is not the actual number of medicines that is important, but whether each medicine is needed and useful. Even a person taking one or two medicines could be taking too many if a medicine is not helping.

Why is it bad to take too many medicines?

The more medicines a person takes, the more likely is the risk of harm from drug interactions and adverse drug effects. Medicines are also expensive, and most people have to pay a portion or all of the cost of the medicine. The general rule is that people should only take as many medicines as are needed for the medical problems they have.

Do I need Medication? What are the side effects or risks associated with my medications?

Most people ask themselves these questions and many more. During a Prescription Consultation an iTherapy Nurse Practitioner will work with you to answer your questions and make recommendations and suggestions. They will also provide prescriptions if appropriate.

When you are being treated for several medical conditions and are taking multiple medications, things tend to get confusing. We address the following:

  • Explain your medical conditions and medicines.
  • Explain how your medicines treat your illness.
  • Determine if you’re taking the best medicine to treat your illness.
  • Ensure you’re not taking multiple medicines to treat the same ailment.
  • Talk about possible side effects.
  • How to best take your medicines.
  • Answer any questions regarding your medical regimen.
  • Tips to help you remember to take your medicines.

To prepare for your iTherapy Prescription Consultation:

  • Gather all your medications and have them with you, including prescription, over the counter, vitamins and herbal medicines.
  • Write down any questions you have to ensure all your questions are addressed.
  • You may want to have a family member or close friend join your session.

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