Personal Training

Are you stuck in the same old workout routine or have you abandoned working out all together?  Are you breathless after walking up a flight of stairs?  Or, do you workout constantly and still fail to see the results you want?

Have you ever heard of ketosis or wondered about those kettlebells people are swinging?  If you need a fresh start – or even a jump start- for your workouts, the staff at iTherapy can help.

People find various excuses as to why they don’t exercise: lack of time, laziness, fear of gyms, equipment/membership is too expensive, no spousal support, don’t know what/how to exercise, simple procrastination.   In fact, 90% of people say they know they should exercise regularly, but only 10% actually do.  The benefits of regular exercise are numerous:

  • Increased energy
  • Overall improved health
  • Reverses osteoporosis and diabetes
  • Decreases obesity and heart disease

Did you know that for every pound of body fat you lose, you take 2-5 pounds of pressure off your joints?  That means losing 10 pounds of body fat could potentially relieve your knees, hips and ankles from 50 pounds of pressure.

iTherapy trainers will help you determine your fitness level (or health age) then develop your own personal customized program. The trainers can develop high-intensity workouts that only take 30 minutes for those with limited time. They can design workouts you do at home if you want to avoid the gym. They also will teach you the proper form for each exercise so you can target certain areas. If you need rehabilitation exercises, they can supply those as well. If you want to work out with your significant other, they can build a program you can do together. Tandem exercises can be fun and you can challenge each other to see who is more fit.

If you want to begin or improve your customized fitness routine, call iTherapy and ask to meet with one of their certified and experienced personal trainers.