Medical Consultation

There may be times when you may feel rushed during an appointment with a health care provider or embarrassed to talk about particular issues.  You may have forgotten to ask valuable questions or need someone to interpret a provider’s diagnosis.

iTherapy is your solution.  Our explanations deal with your individual concerns and we offer you the freedom to ask questions regarding all aspects of your health.

iTherapy provides:

  • Medical second opinions
  • Review of lab work
  • Answers to sensitive medical questions
  • Diagnosis for symptoms
  • Medication review
  • Alternative methods of treatment
  • Information on course and prognosis of acute and chronic diseases
  • Consultations about diet, sleep, relaxation, stress, sexuality, life style, anti-aging
  • Consultations about rehabilitation after major surgery

iTherapy offers discrete care but we are more than willing to meet patients in person for any and all cases. To find the best health care plan you must first have the right information concerning your particular condition and circumstance. We firmly believe that both knowledge and health are wealth.