Wellness is defined as someone who is mentally and physically stable, peaceful, tranquil and has complete control over the decisions and paths they choose.

Life coaching people visualize wellness and take positive, steady steps to achieve a balanced life. It is a gradual process. Whether your goal is to improve fitness, manage long term conditions, cope with stress or improve balance in your life, life coaching will help you get there.

How it works

Life coaching starts with developing a comprehensive visual goal. Coaches help people identify key motivators that will inspire them to meet their new life goals. Regular meetings provide a one-on-one connection between the life coach and the client and help foster open dialogue and communication. It is important for clients to be totally honest with their life coach in order to tackle possible complicated challenges.

  1. Coaches help their clients set goals that directly align with their wellness vision.
  2. Clients make a commitment to life coaching over a specified amount of time in order to see the measurable difference in their life after implementing changes. The time commitment also helps develop new wellness habits.
  3. Clients meet with their coaches regularly to break down their goals into realistic, manageable actions. They also collaborate to solve problems, address challenges and identify new strategies to accomplish goals.

Benefits of a life coach

Life coaches serve as partners that help you explore ways to create the life you desire. Life coaches:

  • Help identify goals and motivate you to implement them.
  • Help clarify your present condition and decide future direction.
  • Help make decisions more quickly and provide better quality action with less risk.
  • Make you accountable for meeting stated goals and sticking to your program.
  • Listen without criticizing or judging.
  • Can transform an imbalanced life to one of balance and wellness.

If you want to achieve a more balanced life, contact one of the iTherapy counselors to discuss your needs.

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