Christian Counseling

In life, there is no separation between our walk with Christ and our walk with other people.  It is all intertwined and sometimes life can get knotted, tangled and frayed.

We can all use another voice in our life- the voice of a non-judgmental, Biblically-based, Christ follower to listen and advise.

Whether you are a new Christian or are well-seasoned in your faith, we are not called to grow towards God alone. It is not a sign of weakness, or a lack of faith, to reach out for help from another believer. The role of Biblically-based Christian counseling is to help process what is happening now and to help you create a fuller faith in the future through God’s unconditional love, Jesus’ all saving power and all the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Everyone has questions about their faith and about their own personal faith journey. Whether you are dealing with a specific personal issue or struggling with wider theological issues, Christian counseling can help you work through your questions with the help of an experienced professional.

Christian counseling can help you with questions about your faith such as:

  • What does God want me to do with my life?
  • How do I live in peace with those around me?
  • Why do bad things happen?
  • How do I deal with sin in my life?
  • Why didn’t God answer my prayers?
  • How do I incorporate spiritual disciplines into my life?

You may also have issues to discuss about living your life as a Christian, such as:

  • the death of a loved one
  • the loss of a relationship
  • family conflict and relationships

If you or someone you know needs to talk with someone regarding your Christian journey, please request an appointment with an iTherapy counselor for help.